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Best DIY Home Kitchen Projects

Are you ready for a change in your kitchen’s design? For inspiration, check out these best DIY home kitchen projects that will help you upgrade your kitchen.

Once you move into a new house, it’s common to want to redesign certain details of your kitchen. Or, if you’ve lived in the same house for a long time, you’ve probably found that the same old walls, cabinets, and overall kitchen design have become a bit boring over the years. Fortunately, a disliked or stale kitchen design is not too hard to fix. Are you ready to design? Here are some of the best DIY home kitchen projects to give your kitchen a new look this year.

Install a New Backsplash

Beautiful home kitchen with white cabinets and backlight
Beautiful home kitchen with white cabinets and backlight

Switching up the backsplash in your kitchen is an easy way to completely change the look of the room. Adding or changing a backsplash will give your kitchen walls a pop of color and texture. From classic white tile to tin tile to colorful arrays of blues and greens, there’s a backsplash for every style. If you’re feeling creative, you can even make your own unique design using individual tiles. Backsplashes will either come in preassembled pieces or single tiles that you must arrange on the wall yourself. For easy application, peel and stick backsplashes are also available.

Organize Creatively

Kitchen and kitchen table in the house
Kitchen and kitchen table in the house

Organization is important in the kitchen, and it looks great too. If you’re always looking for more places to store pots, pans, and other utensils, try hanging them on an open section of the kitchen wall or a rack on the ceiling. To further incorporate your dishware into your kitchen décor, try replacing your cabinets with open shelving that leaves your wall exposed.

Upgrade Your Range Hood

Bright functional kitchen with kitchen island
Bright functional kitchen with kitchen island

Most people don’t think of range hoods as the pinnacle of kitchen style, but doing a range hood DIY project is sure to enhance the look of your kitchen. Designed to clear smoke, steam, and other fumes from your kitchen, a range hood is an essential appliance, but that doesn’t mean it needs to look average or out of place! Try matching your range hood to the other appliances in your kitchen, giving it a coat of paint, or polishing it until it shines.

Customize Your Cabinets

Beautiful kitchen interior with white cabinets.
Beautiful kitchen interior with white cabinets.

Tired of your kitchen cabinets and drawers? Painting your cabinetry is an easy DIY project that will make them look like new. If you’d like, you can change the shade of the cabinetry, try out a two-toned look, or add some accent colors to your kitchen. Changing out the hardware on your cabinets and drawers is another small, easy project that makes a big impact. Plus, hardware sets for your cabinetry are cheap and easy to find—just check out your local hardware store.

Add New Lighting

Once you’ve taken the time to complete your kitchen upgrades, you’ll want to display them with good lighting! Adding lighting in and under your cabinets will highlight your china collection, your colorful backsplash, and more. If you’d like to change the look of your kitchen in a more dramatic fashion, try switching out your current light fixtures for a stylish chandelier or set of wall lamps.

To improve your kitchen this year, give one of these best DIY home kitchen projects a try. They’re inexpensive, easy to do yourself, and will help you design the astounding kitchen you’ve always dreamed of having. Why not give it a shot?


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