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Around The World In 80 Days With Interior Trends For The Keen Traveler

Like any keen traveler, the chances are that you’ve received all manner of inspiration from the countries you’ve visited. Local delicacies may have impacted your cooking styles, while general lifestyle choices from overseas may well have snuck into your everyday routine. If you’re anything like most wanderlusters, you’re even in the habit of bringing overseas styles back home to make the most of.

From clothing to interiors, nothing beats amalgamating all your best travel experiences. Interior designs, especially, can reach new heights if you bring a touch of your adventures. And, that’s what we’re going to look at here.

Of course, not every country will light up your interiors with the gusto you’re likely looking for. In some cases, you may even find that those AirBnB designs are much the same as they would be back home. In some cases, though, you’re guaranteed to want to replicate the interiors of your travel dreams. In fact, interior designers from all over the world are finding certain countries an irresistible inspiration draw right now, and we’re going to consider the best to help you start incorporating similar styles. 


awesome sauce creative k gZDXYjhNc unsplashWe couldn’t talk about overseas style inspiration without mentioning India. This colorful and exciting cultural hub could literally see you enjoying home designs like no one else. Visiting one of the many fantastic markets on offer could certainly add color to your home like little else. Equally, hand-crafted lanterns, mirror frames, and more are guaranteed to incorporate a touch of the exotic at every turn. Even better, these home-made Indian wares are typically more affordable than interiors are ever likely to be back home. Whether you go all out with bright Indian colors in every room, or freshen things up with some authentic saris, you can bet this focus will work wonderfully for unique interiors you can relish. 


While we’re on the subject of colors, Mexico is another fantastic hub for interior inspirations, if a little less obvious than its Indian counterpart. Once home to the iconic Frieda Kahlo and other such vibrant artists, Mexico is rife with flowers, fruit, and art, all applied in a passionate dance with life and death. We’re talking colors splashed on your walls, outlandish art deco prints that draw the eye from anywhere in the room, and again, hand-woven blankets etc. from authentic Mexican merchants. With Mexican designs often looking amazing alongside the white, minimalist trends of our home country, you might even find that you can incorporate Mexican features into the designs you’ve got for an unbeatable splash of the exotic. 


Australia, too, is coming up fast in the design ranks and offers a wide range that’s guaranteed to liven up any home interior. While perhaps less outlandishly transformative than the other options mentioned, this location rich in terrain and texture can bring just that to any interior venture. From aboriginal art to designer rugs, you can hardly go wrong with Australian additions. Pair these with desert-esque roses and sandy tones, and you’re looking at a serene home haven that reminds you of all your favorite Australian adventures in one simple place. 


Sometimes, even unlikely countries can take the interior helm, and Portugal is definitely doing that at the moment. Despite, or perhaps because of recession, Porto streets are currently crawling with art exhibitions built by young entrepreneurs and designers. In fact, design has reached such heights here that the country has widely been hailed as the ‘New Berlin.’ If you’re looking for groundbreaking styles, you certainly needn’t look any further than the insanely affordable wares sold across Portugal. Natural fibres and trendy tiles are also top of the agenda with style like this, and that’s something that any keen interior designer can surely get behind right now. 

South Africa


From a country with relatively subtle design leanings to one that’s a little more outlandish, South African interiors are also well worth your attention at the moment. Led by tribal art and ceremonial masks, anyone getting stuck in here is guaranteed to add a touch of travel lust into an otherwise clean-cut home finish. And, what avid explorer doesn’t wish to do that? Again, natural fibres and hand-crafted wares are sure to play a large part in designs like these, and they’ll look just the thing when mixed with iconic African bold prints. Even if you aren’t willing to give up your entire interior to any one country, incorporating these features after your next South Africa trip could work wonderfully of reminding you how amazingly rich this country can be. 


Spain also deserves its place on this list, with cultural hubs like Barcelona deserving particular attention. Home to La Sagrada Familia among others, this Spanish hotspot is one big lesson in how to impress with your designs. The rest of Spain, too, could prove useful inspiration, with its focus on terracotta tiles, architectural craftsmanship, and paired back furniture focuses. Earthy colors are also all the rage here, including bright yellows on your walls and, of course, those terracotta clay tones. Wrought iron also tends to make an appearance and is guaranteed to look amazing on your staircase or accessories for a full-on Spanish style makeover. 

A final word on wanderlust inspired interiors

Home comfort really doesn’t get better than finding ways to fit your travels into your makeovers. This alone could stop wanderlust from biting so hard when you finally return after all those fantastic adventures. 

You could either keep things simple by sticking with one country that gets your interior juices flowing, or you could steal your favorite features from each culture for an interior fusion unlike any other. Either way, you can bet that you’ll soon find yourself with a home better suited to your tastes than ever before.

To get started here, simply keep an eye out when you’re exploring. Look for iconic style themes in your country of choice and, whatever you do, make sure to stock up on those market-based interior accessories when you get the chance.


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