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Amazing Finished Basement Ideas

Finishing your basement maximizes your home’s value and leaves you with a fun, new space to enjoy. The possibilities are endless when it comes to basement designs, where you can get creative with the space and convert it into something enjoyable and profitable. 

Some families may decide a playroom is best, while others may decide an entertainment room would be an amazing addition. We’ve curated some amazing finished basement ideas to give you inspiration on how to design your space.                                                                     

Home Gym

Woman on stationary bikeA home gym is a great investment for your health. It also prevents you from buying a costly gym membership. You can construct weight racks, put down foam tiles, and create individual workout stations to give the basement more of a gym “feel”. 

Game Room

A game room is a fun space to add if you have a big family or frequent gatherings at your house. You can dedicate different sections of the basements for different games. With such a large space you can even add a foosball and pool tables. Arcade games are another great addition if they are within your budget!

Adding a bar area is also a great addition to your basement game room. This will prevent guests from having to go upstairs to the kitchen for drinks and snacks.

Home Theater

Family watching home movieA fan favorite for big families, a home theater is a fantastic way to finish your basement. You can use large televisions or get a true theater projector for the ultimate experience. Comfy seating and minimal lighting make for the optimal home theater experience.


If you are running out of storage space upstairs, consider turning your basement into your own personal storage building. Many people inevitably use their basement as storage anyways, but you can convert your basement into a very organized storage room. Labels, floating shelves, and color-coding all make for an organization lover’s heaven.

Home Office

Woman working at deskWith many of us still working from home, home offices are essential. The basement is a quiet space you can turn into a work-from-home paradise. 

When starting from scratch with an unfinished basement, you can choose each feature to fit the aesthetic of your choosing, whether it be rustic, chic, industrial, or minimalist. 

Laundry Room

If you have a large family or simply a lot of laundry, turning your basement into a laundry room can be very beneficial. Installing your appliances behind barn doors, creating floating shelves, and installing a fold-out ironing board are all ways you can make your basement laundry space functional and appealing.

Art Studio

Woman painting canvasArt lovers are sure to love the idea of a basement art studio. Invest in easels, use bookshelves to hold art supplies, and create a wonderful space that you aren’t afraid to get a bit messy!

Rental Space

Turning your unfinished space into a rental opportunity is a great way to make some extra cash. Basement apartments are popular choices for college kids and newlyweds. There are more regulations that go into renting a finished basement out, but it is a great investment to make. 

This is also a great opportunity to create a space for your parents to live as they get older. The space is somewhere they can be independent, but close by in case of emergency.

No matter which project you decide to take on to complete your unfinished basement, it is sure to be an investment that pays off. Need more inspiration? Check out this infographic below from HomeAdvisor on creating a basement rental space for college students:

College Dorm Basement Idea

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