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Why You Should Add Colorful Appliances to Your Kitchen

Why You Should Add Colorful Appliances to Your Kitchen

In many cultures, the kitchen is considered the heart of the home. We spend a lot of time with our loved ones in the kitchen, and when we make food for them, we’re extending hospitality and love. Since we use our kitchens so much, it makes sense that we want them to look great. Designing and upgrading a kitchen so it can look its best requires lots of decision-making, including what type of finish you want your appliances to have. While there are many different finishes to choose from, colorful matte finishes are becoming a trend that you may want to consider jumping on. Keep reading to learn more about why you should add colorful appliances to your kitchen.

Stay on Trend

As we mentioned above, colorful matte appliances are becoming a popular kitchen trend. For years, most kitchen designs were in neutral colors—especially white—which extended to the appliances. And even before stark white kitchens, most kitchen appliances were either white or black. Now, people are craving a pop of color in their kitchen to brighten the environment. If you love a specific color and want to be on trend, then choose kitchen appliances in that color.

Brighten the Room

Unless you’re planning a full renovation, there are limited options to brighten up a room. Adding windows or skylights is often too expensive and sometimes physically impossible in certain homes.

While adding more artificial lighting can help brighten a room, brightly colored kitchen appliances can do so as well. Most colorful appliances are matte, which means they won’t physically reflect light, but their bright colors will still add much-needed brightness and joviality to a space.

Create a Focal Point

Every room should have a focal point that catches people’s attention and takes their breath away. Many people struggle to create a focal point in the kitchen, though, because they’re focused more on functionality and practicality than aesthetics.

Colorful appliances unite the two, creating a functional, practical focal point that draws the eye thanks to its intense color. Among kitchen appliance finish options that draw the eye, such as impressive stainless steel or a custom finish that compliments your cabinets, a colorful finish will make your appliance stand out the most. And if you’re worried that a colorful appliance like a refrigerator will overwhelm the room, choose instead a smaller appliance like a steam oven to add color to.

You should add colorful appliances to your kitchen to stay on trend, brighten your kitchen, and add a focal point to the room. Even though many people worry about the resale value of colorful appliances when it comes time to sell their home and fear that the choice won’t make sense in the long run, it is still a low-risk way to improve your kitchen. Unless you’re planning to move within the next five years, colorful appliances are a worthy investment if you know you will use and love them.

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