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9 Home Security Mistakes That You Should Look To Avoid: By Experts

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Mistakes are a part of our life. They help us learn more about ourselves and our surroundings in a harmless manner. However, this habit doesn’t really bode well when it comes to the security of your house. 

And, for good reasons as well! 

Making even a small error in setting up your house surveillance system can put it at risk of theft and burglary. In some cases, it can also prompt various environmental issues to creep into your home and damage it internally. 

Due to this reason, you should always avoid making mistakes when preparing the security segment of your house. Here is what you need to know in this regard. 

Home Security Errors That You Must Avoid 

Most of us usually take several measurements while fulfilling the security requirements of our house. To know more about what you should include in your home security systems, make sure to check out this link –

Nonetheless, if you are here to learn about the common home security mistakes you must avoid, keep reading! 

Mistake – 1: Keeping The Windows And Doors Unlocked 

Many people, especially during the summer season, tend to keep their windows unlocked. This way, they can perpetuate ideal air circulation throughout the rooms and maintain a fresh homely environment. 

However, there’s a hitch. 

According to a report, almost 30% of the cases of burglary in the USA happen through an unlocked window or door. Hence, no matter what your reasons are, you should always keep them closed. Also, make it a habit of checking your windows and doors. 

Mistake – 2: Forgetting To Arm The Security System 

Some individuals, either due to their absentmindedness or because of not being careful enough, forget to arm their home security system. It, in turn, makes their home vulnerable to various attempts to burglary and larceny. 

To avoid such circumstances, you can try setting up a few reminders at your home about arming the security infrastructure. You may also try opting for remote services so that you can activate the surveillance system even when you’re traveling. 

Mistake – 3: Leaving The Garage Open 

Leaving the door of the car garage open is probably the most common home security mistake made in the USA. 

Don’t believe us? 

Well, then, take a drive through your neighborhood, and you’ll likely see what we’re talking about yourself! 

Leaving this section of your house open offers a complete view of the layout of your home’s backside. Hence, a burglar can easily find out the vulnerabilities of this section and penetrate through the same to enter your house.

Like many others, if you, too, keep your garage door open, we’d suggest you install an overhead sensor and closer for it. This way, you will be notified if you have kept the gateway open or not. The closer will shut the door automatically after a brief period. 

Mistake – 4: Avoiding Professional Monitoring 

Do you want to monitor your home security system all by yourself? Well, that sounds pretty confident and a correct decision if you ask us. It might sound fantastic when you are prioritizing your privacy at home

But, how would you keep an eye on your house 24×7 if you have a job or taking care of a toddler? 

It’s difficult, we know. That’s precisely why we would ask you not to avoid professional monitoring. Sure, it would cost you a little bit of money. However, your house will be kept under observation even during the ungodly hours of the night. 

Mistake – 5: Too Much Greenery 

We all love stationing trees throughout the premises of our house. It’s an excellent habit as well. But, if you keep your home concealed under a canopy of plants, it can pose as a perfect hiding place for burglars. 

So, what’s the solution? 

Well, you can start your journey by taming that gorgeous greenery. For example, we’d ask you to trim your hedges to three feet or shorter to maintain clear visibility of your bushes. Thus, it will be difficult for anyone to move around without being unnoticed. 

You may also try installing fences where the pickets aren’t entirely closed. It may sound counterintuitive at first, but this structure helps you and your neighbors spot prowlers almost instantaneously. 

Mistake – 6: Hiding Spare Key Outside 

Many people tend to hide their spare keys outside of their house, as they might forget about its location if kept inside. Nonetheless, most of the modern-day burglars are aware of this trick and, therefore, can find the same pretty quickly. 

In our opinion, getting rid of a spare key should be the best solution for you in this aspect. You may install a smart keyless lock to make things even more convenient for you! 

Mistake – 7: Shutting The Lights Off When No One’s At Home

You shut off all of your house lights when you are going out – so, what’s wrong with it? It’s all about saving energy and reducing your electricity bills, no? 

Well, yes, your viewpoints do seem logical to some extent. However, simply put, a home that appears abandoned from the outside can pose pretty tempting to the intruders. 

Thus, to avoid this issue, make sure to keep on the lights in a room no matter where you are going. Opting for smart connected lighting also makes sense in this regard. 

Mistake – 8: Placing Valuables Near The Window 

We all mistakenly keep our valuables near the window or on the porch of our house. That’s wrong. If you keep the expensive products within sight, most people will consider you a wealthy individual. Therefore, they’ll target your house for their next burglary attempt. 

Hence, it’s always a good idea to keep your valuables locked up in a safe place. Aside from the valuables, some thieves also consider stealing your identity. Therefore, it will be better for you to keep your financial information and social security cards locked up as well! 

Mistake – 9: Using Cheap Locks 

Let’s be honest – we all have used cheap locks at least once in our lives. Most of us have paid the price for doing so. These products are pretty easy to break and do not offer any sort of security. 

Thus, it would be better for you to avoid using physical locks in your house. Nonetheless, if you don’t want to invest too much in this aspect, make sure to buy grade-1 models, the highest grade in residential security. 

Final Thoughts 

Keeping your house safe and secure isn’t all about installing expensive home surveillance systems through the premises. Aside from this, you will also need to avoid making the aforementioned common mistakes while you’re at it. 

Hopefully, we can help you a little with this topic with this article. However, if you still have any queries, make sure to let us know about them through the comment section.

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