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8 Inexpensive DIY Home Improvement Projects

Many people make home improvements over the years to make sure their house is in good condition. Others do home improvements to change the way their home looks or because they’re getting ready to sell. Home improvement is a necessity for homeowners, especially if they plan on living in the house for years to come. Unfortunately, many home improvement projects are expensive, which can make homeowners run for the hills instead of improving their houses. 

Luckily, you can do some inexpensive home improvements all by yourself. Check out our list of inexpensive DIY home improvement projects for any budget. 

Mini Bathroom Makeover

A bathroom in the apartment
A bathroom in the apartment

When you watch television, you see bathroom renovations that cost tens of thousands of dollars, which makes you think twice about renovating your old bathroom, even if it looks like something straight out of the 80s. Luckily, you can give your bathroom a makeover to make it this century or make it feel a bit more like your own. 

By simply choosing what to update in your bathroom, you can save thousands of dollars. Making one small change can go a long way until you’re able to afford other changes that can make your bathroom your favorite room in the house. 

One thing you can do is change your countertops to granite. You can find these countertops at any home improvement store with price points for any budget. If you opted for the cheapest granite you could find, you might have some money left over to save for later or use to add a new faucet. 

A mini-makeover is easy. All you have to do is order your new items and wait for them to come. Once they’ve arrived, you should inspect them for flaws. Then, you can tear out the old countertop and replace it. Next, you can change the color of your walls to make your bathroom look more open. 

New Appliances

Your home should not only be beautiful and comfortable, but it should be functional, too. If you have any outdated appliances that don’t work as well as they used to, you can drastically improve your daily life by replacing them. A new air conditioner may not be something you show off to your friends because it’s visually appealing, but it is something your house needs for you to be comfortable. 

Make a Feature Wall

If you have a big open room that looks boring after many years, consider adding a feature wall. You can do this by painting just one wall a different color or adding wallpaper. Making changes to a single wall saves you money and can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your room

You can begin this project by measuring the wall’s dimensions and visiting an interior design store or shopping online. Make sure you choose a design or color that matches your current furnishings so you don’t have to replace those as well. 

If you decide to use wallpaper, make sure you purchase one that’s easy to hang by checking the instructions or looking online for a peel-and-stick version. Before beginning, inspect your walls and fill and smooth any holes so your wallpaper won’t get indents.

Add Track Lighting

Track lighting is both functional and decorative. Track lighting is relatively inexpensive and allows you to put lighting where you need it most, including countertops, walls, and objects. You can brighten just about any area without adding a lamp that takes up space. 

Track lighting uses a rail system that hangs below the ceiling and commonly runs anywhere from 4 to 8 feet long depending on where you get them. You can also bend the rail if you want it to have a unique design. When shopping at home centers, look for rail system kits. 


A little bit can go a long way to changing the look and feel of your home. You can add trim to any room and make it feel new. If you decide to paint a new trim, you can make installation less tedious. Instead of cutting perfect joints, you can be laid back and add filler or paint. 

Again, make sure you use colors that already go with your furnishings so you don’t have to replace anything or repaint your trim to match. 

Focus on the Backyard

Home improvements don’t have to take place inside; you can do DIY projects on the outside of your home and yard as well. If you love being outside, you don’t need a new expensive deck or porch to enjoy your backyard. Instead, make sure you have shade from the sun and protection from insects. You can do this by purchasing a screen canopy or gazebo that’s easy to put up and maintain. The only thing they require is a flat spot, so they won’t work if your yard is sloped or slanted. 

Bedroom Makeover

BedFor a bedroom makeover, you can choose to do several inexpensive projects like repaint, build a headboard, or redesign. While a bedroom redesign may not technically be a home improvement project, it can be a time-consuming task. 

You can start by looking at the layout of your bed, dresser, and any other large objects in your bedroom. Next, grab a piece of paper and map out where these items could potentially go. 

If moving your bedroom furniture around isn’t an option, you can still have an impactful bedroom makeover by getting a new bed or dressing up your current bed with products that improve your sleep and health. For example, a pillow for acid reflux can help you sleep better and feel more comfortable in your bedroom. 

A Closet Organizer


Woman’s closet
Woman’s closet

A neat closet can seem impossible without having some way to organize everything. Adding a closet organizer is a simple and inexpensive way to improve the functionality of your closet and save room for more clothes. With a closet organizer, things can hang on the walls to keep the floor clear so you can easily vacuum or add a chair and mirror if your closet is big enough. 

Depending on which type of closet organizer you purchase, installation can be easy or a little challenging. If you’re not sure what to purchase, make sure you do research and find the simplest installation possible if you’re not handy with tools. 

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