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5 Ways to Propose on a Budget

Many couples consider the big day as more important than the entire life together. They spend so much money on the wedding itself that almost nothing is left for post-wedding life expenses. In fact, the average cost of a wedding in the United States is around $34,000.00, with the venue being the single most expensive part. Apparently, the big day is no longer just about the wedding. It includes the proposal too. In fact, the proposal can cost more than the wedding.

Don’t fret, though! You can stay on a budget and still make a proposal that will knock your lover off their feet. For starters, go for secondhand classic engagement rings but make sure you buy them from a reliable source.

Importance of a Marriage Proposal

For most ladies, being proposed to is as important as getting married. However, in the Modern Age, gentlemen deserve to receive a proposal too. That is, women can pop the question to their men. Whether you’re male or female, here are some reasons why you should propose to your partner:

  • It proves commitment.
  • It shows mutual understanding.
  • It celebrates love.
  • It immortalizes the special event.

The Do’s for an Unforgettable Marriage Proposal

So, you’ve finally decided to pop the question, but you’re clueless about where and how to start. Don’t stress yourself too much! Remember that there’s actually no wrong way to propose to your special someone. Even so, these tips can ensure that your marriage proposal goes smoothly:

Do plan ahead.

Start planning at least eight weeks in advance. Questions to ponder include where you want to do it and how much you’re willing to spend.

Do know what your partner wants.

Not all marriage proposal ideas work for everyone. Some want to have a public marriage proposal, while others prefer a private one. If you’re unsure what your partner wants, you can ask their closest friends. You can also play it safe and go for a marriage proposal with just the two of you.

Don’t focus too much on perfection.

Not everything will go as expected. So, if your marriage proposal doesn’t go exactly as you had planned, don’t be too disappointed. Continue on even if you blurt out the wrong words or order the wrong bouquet of flowers. After all, getting your significant other engaged isn’t about flaunting your perfection.

Don’t let the surprise slip.

Keep the marriage proposal details to a few people. Otherwise, you risk spoiling the surprise.  

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