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5 Ways To Add a Beachy Feel to Your Home

5 Ways To Add a Beachy Feel to Your Home

If you’re looking to inspire a beachy feel in your home without traveling far, there are plenty of creative ways you can do so. You can easily create a beachside escape in your own home by choosing the right colors and textures and adding some of your favorite beachy-themed decorations. Here are some of our favorite ideas for transforming your home into a coastal paradise.

Choose Neutral, Beachy Shades

First, incorporate colors that remind you of the beach. Choose colors like blue, ivory, pale yellow, and sandy tan to evoke a calming, laid-back feel. You can paint your walls in these beachy hues or choose accessories that feature them as a main or accent color.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Second, add natural elements to your home. Bring in the outdoors with plants and flowers from the tropics, such as palm trees or seagrasses. Decorate with wood accents such as bamboo mats, wicker lamp shades, and furniture constructed from driftwood.

Accessorize With Nautical Decor

You can also use nautical-inspired accessories like oars, driftwood pieces, and starfish to give your home a beachy vibe. Hang wall art that depicts beach scenes or ocean life. Add pillows and throws in beachy colors, and hang a beach towel or two on the wall. You could even pour some sand into a shallow bowl to bring the shore indoors. Lastly, light some scented candles with summery or beach-inspired scents. With these easy, inexpensive ideas, you can have a beachy escape anytime you want!

Keep it Simple

Decorating for a beachy feel should be easy and breezy! When decorating with a beach theme, it’s important to keep things simple. Too many bright colors or overly cutesy accessories can make your space look cramped or tacky. Stick to a few key pieces in neutral colors, and let the natural beauty of the beach take center stage.

Brighten Up the Interior

Don’t forget about the lighting when creating a beachy feel in your home! The beach is typically bright and sunny, with rays bouncing off the waves and reflecting off grains of sand. Since the beach is generously illuminated, you want your home to have the same brilliant appearance.

Whether you use nautical sconces or wall-mounted lanterns, incorporating coastal lighting into your home will make it feel sunny and summery. Look for styles that will give the space a bright and airy feel while adding some coastal flavor. Think simple, white fixtures with rope wrappings, glass and nickel hanging pendants, or table lamps with sea glass-style bases and natural woven wicker shades.

Another way to brighten up your space is by opening up those curtains and windows! Let natural light flood in and enjoy the breeze from the outdoors. If it’s cold outside or if you want some privacy, you can keep the curtains and windows closed—just make sure your window decor has a coastal feel. Opt for slightly sheer curtains that let in just enough light to create a relaxing atmosphere. If you’re feeling adventurous, pair your curtains with a bright and bold patterned window valance to take the beachy vibes up a notch.

If you’re looking for a way to bring the beach into your home, there are plenty of ideas out there! Whether decorating with coastal-inspired items or embracing natural materials, you can easily create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere that will make your home feel like an escape from everyday life.

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