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5 Unique places to eat and drink in London

London has several amazing destinations. It includes the Tower bridge, Camden Town, museums, London eye, Little Venice, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, etc. No matter where you travel, food plays an essential part.

London is a city with a rich heritage having a diverse range of people and cultures. It has loads of palatable foods and, many people trip to London to try them. Their signature salt beef Bagel served with pickle and mustard is a flavorsome snack. London also offers affordable steaks, which are perfectly cooked. There is also a variety of sides. Fish and chips serve as the delectable English snack.

With the food discussed, now lets deliberate about the places where we can get this food. Read below to find out bizarre places in London to eat with peculiar menu cards, remarkable themes, and mystifying decor. These places try all they can to stand out from the crowd.

1.Dalston Jazz Bar

JazzBarThis place provides unusual vegetables and exotic fishes at an affordable cost. The soups are tasty and mouth-watering. You can also try strange foods like shark and zebra here. It serves as the perfect destination for the people who go for adventures. The jazz band is also significant. The environment is pleasant and, the staff is hospitable. You can also try other exotic foods. You can cherish the combination of mojitos and beer with the brilliant music played.

The Bar is European and exotic. You also have a say in how much you get to pay. Many customers appreciate this idea. It also brings in more customers. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the place has a good ambiance. There is no traditional menu. It resides in Hackney and comes to life during the evenings. It hosts live music until 3 am.

2. Archipelago

archipelagoIn this restaurant, you can dine amidst the luminosity of golden buddhas. The ambiance also includes dwarf palm trees and giant peacock feathers. The place also has a sensuous fragrance. Their hallmark dishes include python, crocodile, and kangaroo with fine blended whiskey such as Louis XII Cognac. Their other classics consist of chicken, fish and a line-up of innovative vegetarian food. It is open on all days of the week except Sunday. It resides in the Cleveland street.

It satisfies both the people who carve for adventurous food and exotic food. It has a well-informed staff and a competent chef. It is a big hit, especially for romance. They also have separate options for group bookings. They also have a variety of options for wines. Their champagne and the sparkling collection includes Prosecco, Gaston Chiquet Brut Tradition 1er Cru, Dom Perignon, Ventoux, Merlot, Pullenta, etc. In Archipelago, they gather the culinary influences from around the world and fuse them.

3. Robot 1745 – Hotel Chocolat

HotelChocolatThis restaurant affords the view of the swarming Borough market. It has both a bar and a cafe with a terrace. Its menu is composed of innovative cocoa cocktails. It also offers a load of present-day dishes which influences from the culinary of the Caribbean and Britain. It uses the freshly coated cocoa as the delicate. The coffee shop situated downstairs is rather popular. Their menu divides into a summer menu, drinks, breakfast, light bites, and afternoon tea. Their afternoon tea is exceptional as the cocoa is at its best here. The terrace brings in the Saint Lucian party essence. The terrace is perfect for get-togethers and enjoyment with a room of 60 seats. You can lay back and luxuriate in the warmth of the hot sun. They believe in originality, authenticity, and ethics. Unlike most restaurants, they grow their cocoa. They make far from ordinary sandwiches and fresh-baked scones.

4. Bunga Bunga

BungaIt resides in the convent garden and promises a fantastic experience. The actors are dazzling. It is an appalling party-time homage. The music played is fabulous and you can dance all night. They have a welcoming atmosphere and brilliant decor. You can laugh, dance and sing all night. It is a worth visit for those people who hates the typical table food. The starters are mouth-watering. They offer a combination of meat, muffins, and fruits.

The karaoke is real fun. Most people come back for the unforgettable entertainment that comes along with this place. They also provide a drink package of beers.

5. Dans le Noir


In Dans le Noir, they recruit visually impaired persons as waiters to serve food. They believe that this will help them stand out from the crowd and make a difference. You eat in complete darkness. It might change the preconceived notions of many people around the world. They make us understand that sight is rather a deception and influencing factor. Eating in the dark gives you the receptive experience. They also render new ways to socialize. Dans le Noir only have shared tables. So, you get to meet new people and interact with them in complete darkness. This place is interesting and eludes the preconceptions. Ironically, people who are visually impaired become your guide here.


Eating the right food at the right place matters. London is a city of many succulent British foods. This includes Pie and Mash, Bangers and mash, Roasted beef, Yorkshire pudding, Shepherd’s pie, Cottage pie, Cream tea, Beer, Cider and much more.

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