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5 popular interior and home trends taking TikTok by storm

Some of the most popular homes and interior trends on TikTok have been revealed, from wall panelling and extreme organization, to vinyl wrap and half-painted walls.

The team at, the company building the future of documents, have researched and revealed five of the home and design crazes proving most popular on the video-sharing app so far this year.

Whether you love it or hate it, TikTok has become the place to share home and interior tips and tricks.

And by looking at the number of views that each hashtag gets, it’s easy to see which trends are proving most popular.

A spokesperson for Craft comments: “TikTok can be a fantastic place to go for inspiration. Whether you’re looking for meal plans, book recommendations, or home decor ideas, there really is something for every taste and style.

“But whilst our algorithms will be tailored to each individual, there are some videos that tend to steer the latest overall trends. Luckily, these can still be adapted for each person and home.

“We’re actually seeing lots of couples come together in Craft and collaborating to help them take the friction out of those difficult home decorating decisions. People are also using our platform to collaborate with builders, architects and interior designers, to make sure the projects go smoothly..”

Here are five popular interior and home trends taking TikTok by storm:

Wall paneling

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Videos under the hashtags # paneling, #paneling, and #panneling have a staggering combined 280 million views from all over the world, proving just how popular this design craze has become over the last year or two! In fact, you can even buy DIY wall paneling kits from home improvement stores now.

Traditionally, wall paneling used to offer insulation between the room and stone walls, but now interior wall paneling is mainly used just for aesthetic purposes.

Paneling designs can be as simple or complicated as you like, but even the basic designs do a fantastic job of creating a focal point in a room.

Half painted walls

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Why settle for one color on your walls, when you can combine two? If TikTok is anything to go by, that’s exactly what millions of people are deciding to do in their homes. In fact, the #halfpaintedwall hashtag alone has 1.1 million views!

With a steady hand, a spirit level and plenty of wall-friendly tape, this design trend is easy to implement but makes a real statement in all room types – from bathrooms and kitchens to living rooms and bedrooms.

Vinyl wrap

TikTokers have been going wild for vinyl wrap as an easy and low-cost way to lift their homes and try out new styles. In fact, videos under the #vinylwrap hashtag have a staggering 1 BILLION views combined!

Vinyl wrap isn’t a particularly new or groundbreaking product, but it is proving more popular than ever. Fans have been using it in their homes to give make rooms feel fresh and new, and the possibilities are seemingly endless. You can use it to cover kitchen worktops, cupboards, furniture and other surfaces, including floors and tiles! The best part is, if you don’t like it, you can just remove it with virtually no mess, so it’s great for renters too.

Painted arches

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If you’ve been on interiors TikTok at all over the last year or two, you’ve probably seen a lot of painted arches, and they still seem to be going strong in 2023. Painted arches are a cost-effective way to completely transform your walls and frame your furniture or wall décor.

It’s a relatively simple DIY job as long as you do the correct prep – and you have a steady hand. You can even layer them up in different shades to make the ultimate design statement, and many of the thousands of videos under the. #paintedarch hashtag use these arches in the way of headboards in the bedroom.

This trend shows no signs of slowing down, as #paintedarch videos currently have over 18 million views!

Organization, organization, organization

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Is there such a thing as being TOO organized? The people contributing to the 2.3 billion views on # organized and #organized TikTok obviously don’t think so. But the organization has become more than simply having your life in check; it’s about making the organization as aesthetically pleasing as possible. This includes having dedicated jars, boxes, tubs, folders, files, drawers and shelves for everything you could possibly imagine – from cereal and laundry products to bath bombs and stationery. And don’t forget the labels!

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