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5 Key Signs Your Bedroom Needs a Makeover


Bedrooms need a touch of style just like any other room in the house. Discover these five signs your bedroom needs a makeover and their importance to the space.

It’s no secret that a room’s design and overall style influences how we experience that space in certain ways. After all, it’s these traits that generate the proper atmosphere and convey a charm that’s unique to your home. However, these effects aren’t only important to the public areas of the house. In fact, your bedroom’s design is just as crucial to helping you escape daily stressors and promote relaxation. If something isn’t working with your bedroom’s current design, you may not be getting all the benefits out of the space. These are some telltale signs your bedroom needs a makeover and how they can affect your experience within the room.

Not Enough (Or Too Little) Lighting

Bedroom in navy colors.
Bedroom in navy colors.

One of the most common indicators that a bedroom is poorly designed is the amount of light it has. Lighting is a key component in determining the functionality and mood of a space. When a room has too much light, it becomes difficult to create a restful atmosphere. But if it’s too dim, you won’t be able to perform certain bedtime tasks like reading or washing up. It’s important to take some time to find a balance for the space to be effective.

The Space Feels Cramped

Empty Interior Of Young Boys Bedroom With Table And Storage
Empty Interior Of Young Boys Bedroom With Table And Storage

If you often feel like your room is too small to spend extended amounts of time in, this is also a sign your bedroom needs a makeover. Part of being comfortable is feeling like we have enough space to breathe and move around as we wish. Therefore, if we’re being confined by clutter, it’s impossible to fully obtain that restful mindset. Because of this, part of your redesigning process might be to remove some of these items blocking your way, or to rearrange furniture in a way that maximizes space.

You Aren’t Getting Quality Sleep

Another vital indicator that your bedroom could use a better design is poor sleep quality. Believe it or not, certain aesthetics, textures, and even colors can all have an impact on how well you fall and stay asleep. For this reason, you may be experiencing restful nights or find that you wake up just as tired as you were when you went to bed. To fix this, try familiarizing yourself with designs and colors that are best for sleep and incorporate them into a new design.

The Walls Look Bare

Interior design: Big modern Bedroom
Interior design: Big modern Bedroom

Many of us find blank walls to be aesthetically unappealing due to the possibilities they represent. It can overwhelm the mind and make it harder for us to identify the room as ours. As such, when it comes to making this space over, all you need are a few pieces of artwork to tie the rest of the room together. This will make your bedroom feel more unified and personalized.

You Want a Change

Modern bedroom with comfortable double bed and stylish white brick wall
Modern bedroom with comfortable double bed and stylish white brick wall

You might just want to redesign your bedroom just because you feel like it. Go for it! There is no good or bad time to take on a project like this. So, if you’ve grown tired of your older design and simply want a change, there’s no better time to begin a makeover.


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