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4 Ways To Make Your Home More Sustainable

4 Ways To Make Your Home More Sustainable

The best homes don’t just look good; they also operate efficiently and sustainably. A sustainable home minimizes your environmental impact and helps your home make the most out of available resources, such as water and electricity. It also saves you money in the long run! Here are four ways to make your home more sustainable.

Add Solar Panels

Solar panels are one of the best ways to make your home more sustainable because you’re sourcing your energy from an endlessly renewable source—the sun! By relying on solar energy, your home won’t be producing greenhouse gases, and you’ll see a drastic change in your energy bill. You’ll also be able to enjoy all the electronics you like!

Update Appliances

Unless your home is brand new, updating your appliances is always a worthwhile investment. As technology advances, newer models are more efficient with the energy and resources they use. For example, an electric stove removes the need for natural gases and is much cleaner to use.

Aluminum Upgrades

Many call aluminum the “green metal,” and for good reason! When making improvements to your house, such as the siding or roof, choose aluminum because it’s durable and sustainable. Not only is it a quality building material, but it is endlessly recyclable. This green characteristic means you can reuse the existing aluminum on your home if you make changes, or your contractor can place it back into the supply chain.

Permeable Materials

Permeable materials are a fantastic addition to driveways, walkways, and gardens. Permeable materials allow surfaces to absorb water and harmlessly disperse back into the environment. In contrast, traditional asphalt and concrete pave over the land, making it impossible for water to drain naturally. Proper drainage helps make your landscaping and the surrounding environment healthier and lusher—making your property much more beautiful!

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