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4 Hidden Gems of the US To Visit for a Road Trip

4 Hidden Gems of the US To Visit for a Road Trip

One of the best parts of a road trip is the places you visit. When you visit a hidden gem on your road trip, the unique nature of the location will make the trip feel worth every mile driven. Keep reading to discover some of the best-hidden gems in the US to help you plan your next road trip.

World’s Quietest Room: Minneapolis, Minnesota

The World’s Quietest Room is a soundproof room that absorbs 99.99% of all sound. The room consists of three feet deep panels covering the floors, walls, and ceilings, and when you enter, you’ll immediately notice a change in the atmosphere around you.

In this room, every sound in your body becomes amplified, including your heartbeat, stomach gurgles, and breathing. The room will feel unnerving after a few minutes of silence, and people have the option to request the staff to turn the lights off for a truly disorienting effect.

Kovac Planetarium: Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Planetariums are always a great stop on any road trip, and the Kovac Planetarium is a majestic place to visit. Located in creator Frank Kovac’s backyard, this rotating planetarium allows people to sit or stand in the sphere as it rotates and shows the universe’s many constellations and celestial bodies. This location is only one of three rotating planetariums in the world and holds the record for being the largest, making it an amazing hidden gem to visit on your next road trip.

The Trembling Giant: Richfield, Utah

It’s always enjoyable to get out in nature and experience the marvels of the natural world, and The Trembling Giant forest in Utah is an interesting oddity. While most forests have individual trees that create a forest, this forest is a single organism with one root system.

Each “tree” is genetically identical thanks to the Pando aspen’s asexual reproduction system, which creates new stems from its root structure. The stems of this forest amount to over 40,000, creating a forest of one tree with an estimated age of 80,000 years. Camping is available for those who want to experience the landscape of the world’s largest organism, and we recommend getting a roof rack to improve your road trip and make carrying your items easier.

Solvang, California

If you want to feel like you’ve traveled overseas into Europe while staying on US soil, the quaint city of Solvang, California, will transport you to a different world. The city has wonderful architecture and themes akin to Danish culture.

You’ll find an art and history museum that tells of the city’s Danish heritage, and there’s a Danish-style bakery where you can enjoy a plethora of sweets, from cookies to whole cakes, with your choice of a hot drink. The city also has a local windmill to give you that feeling of walking around Denmark or other Scandinavian countries.

When you find a place that’s one of a kind, it’s a great feeling that broadens the mind. The next time you go on a long road trip, consider visiting one of these gems for a wonderful experience you won’t find anywhere else.

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