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4 Fabulous Ideas for Creating a Dreamy Home Library

A home library is something you can create on any budget. Depending on your spending capacity, you can either choose to allocate a room to your beloved books or place them elegantly in an alcove. What’s important is that you make some space and curate a lovely library for your home. 

Whether you’re a book lover, a literature enthusiast, or simply an interior design addict, you would want to have a dedicated space for books and decorative showpieces. Books make elegant décor and add personality and color to your home. A Home library can showcase the collection of your favorite books and can also create an ecstatic oasis for you and your family to enjoy literature. 

Now that you’re sold on the idea of having a home library let’s dive straight into how you can build one?


Organize your books. 

For creating a library that actually looks like a library, you’ll need a collection of books. Depending on your passion and profession, you can buy books ranging from fantasy fiction to self-development books and non-fiction. If you’re more of a binge-watcher than a nerdy reader, you can fill up your bookshelf with fewer books and more antiques, photo frames, plants, and candles. 

Make a room or divide the space. 

If you have a big living room, then you can divide it by installing an internal door. You can then create a cozy and chic library space on the other side of that door. Dividing your space with a glass door or two French-style wooden doors will offer an arresting visual statement to your home. Alternatively, you can choose colonial-style wooden doors to give your library a very English look. 

Paint your library with dark and calming colors.

I have nothing against bright colors. You can choose to give your library a pop of color if you like. However, in my opinion, books have their own color, and contrasting that with another bright color will make your space look intense. Instead, I suggest you go for dark hues of black, blue, or brown color. Dark walls instantly upscale your room and make it look welcoming. You can choose light shades for ceiling paints. Make sure you choose a paint color that goes with the rest of the house.

Vintage telescope in the library
Vintage telescope in the library

Incorporate vintage furniture. 

No matter how modern your home is, incorporating bits and pieces of vintage furniture never hurts. If you’re a craver for antique furniture, then your library is the place for those dreamy and dramatic pieces. A handful of flea market or thrift store furnishing and plenty of classic books will make your library look as stunning as libraries shown in any period drama movie. 

There is nothing like a well-furnished reading corner that relaxes and invigorates you at the same time. If you don’t have room to spare, then crave out a corner at home where you can indulge in your favorite reads with a glass of wine and a comfy throw blanket. 



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