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3 Tips for Making Your Home a Sought-After Airbnb

As the country begins to regain some sense of normalcy, people are starting to feel comfortable enough to return to some of their beloved pre-COVID activities. One of which includes travel. While travel never totally disappeared, some were a bit more reluctant about where they went and where they stayed. As the owner of an Airbnb, it’s likely you’ve faced some challenges over the past year. Now that things are reopening and the travel bug is biting people left and right, it’s crucial you get your home ready to become a sought-after Airbnb.

From the safest to the cleanest and everything in between, we’re sharing some tips on how you can achieve Super Host status and make your home a destination guests will want to visit again and again. 

Safety First

Luggage In Living RoomOne of, if not the most important ways to ensure guests want to stay at your Airbnb is to provide a safe environment. If people feel unsafe, they are not likely to return or leave a good review, so be sure to make safety a top priority. There are various ways to put your guest’s mind at ease while they are staying in your residence. To begin with, check the property for any hazards such as broken glass, uneven flooring, sharp corners, ect. You’ll want to take care of these issues before you advertise to any guests, especially since you’ll be posting photos of the space and first impressions are everything.

After you’ve made any necessary repairs, go through the space room by room and check all smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers. It’s imperative that all these items are functioning properly in order to keep your guests safe, and help prevent property damage should a fire break out. Once you’ve checked the detectors, you’ll want to test them out to confirm they are working properly.

Another safety item to check off your list is creating an emergency contact list. Sure, everyone knows to dial 911 in an emergent situation, but if the toilet is clogged or the power goes out, it’s important your guests have access to your contact information so they can get a hold of you quickly. Leave a list of contact numbers in a visible place such as a cork board or on the refrigerator. If your guests feel comfortable contacting you, they’re likely to spread the positive word in their review.

Once you’ve done your part to make sure the residence is safe, you can spend some time focusing on the curb appeal of the home. Remember, first impressions are everything so you’ll want to give some TLC to the exterior as well. For some of my favorite tips on improving the outside of your home, check out this article on the blog.

Comfort Counts

Cozy Living RoomAside from feeling safe, you want to make sure you provide your guests with the amenities necessary to create a comfortable atmosphere. This involves your ability to anticipate your guests needs. Keep an extra set of sheets and towels in the linen closet or provide some basic toiletries in case a guest runs out or forgets to pack their toothbrush or body wash. These small touches will help your guests feel at home while simultaneously improving your ratings.

Once you’ve stocked some basic amenities, it’s time to move on to the other spaces throughout the unit. You’ll want the furniture in common areas to be thoroughly cleaned and without rips or tears. Be sure the beds in each room are comfortable and there are plenty of pillows and blankets available. You want your guests to sleep soundly, after all, they are on vacation! Feel free to include other items such as fans, night lights, a universal phone charging station and anything else you can think of to add an extra layer of comfort to their stay. 

Personal Touches

If you really want to go the extra mile to make your guests feel at home, you can compile a list of local bars, restaurants and other attractions in the area. Sure, your guests can easily Google what to do in your area, but advice from a local on these types of things trumps any search engine results. Before creating the list, you’d of course want to consider your audience. If you’re hosting a group of people celebrating a bachelorette party, you can include names of local restaurants, clubs, and even spas.

If your guests are on a family getaway with youngsters in tow, highlight some kid-friendly places to grab a bite as well as any theme parks or zoos in the area. On your list you should also include some establishments that offer take out, as well as an online delivery service that carries snacks, drinks and other essentials, just in case your guests feel like having a Netflix and chill night (cue the comfy couches). The convenience factor can be exactly what they’re looking for and this type of personal touch is sure to make your space more sought after than the other Airbnbs in your area.    

Although the past year has been tough, as an Airbnb owner, it’s time to get excited about people integrating travel back into their lives. Combining the tips above with other things you’re already doing to prepare your home for guests will aid in boosting your ratings and have people returning to your residence again and again.  

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