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3 Historical Sites To Visit In Cyprus

Of all the places in the world to travel to, one of the most charming and least known is the island of Cyprus. This island is located in the Mediterranean Sea, and its location has allowed it to offer a wide variety of tourist attractions for anyone looking for something new.

Cyprus has everything a traveller could want: delicious cuisine from a variety of cultures, some of the most pristine beaches in the world, winter sports, and, most importantly, an abundance of eye-catching historical sites.

From ancient city ruins to abandoned monasteries, you will need access to to effectively organize your trip and have time to take a tour of all the historical sites this country has to offer.

Therefore, for your convenience, here are some of these sites that hold fragments of history and that you can’t miss to add to your visit list if you plan to vacation in this beautiful country.

Kourium: Meet One Of The Great Ancient Amphitheatres Of Humanity

If you have seen movies of ancient Rome where you can see the Colosseum, it means that you have in mind what an amphitheatre is. Those big buildings were where you could see the popular gladiators fighting, and at the same time, you could enjoy various events organized by the aristocracy and the government of the area.

Kourium today is reduced to a ruin with the sea in the background, where we can be filled with the grandeur of ancient human civilization. From the houses of the gladiators, the horse racing stadium and the famous temple of the god Apollo, about 4 km from the site, it is one of those places full of history that are worth a look.

The Abbey Of Bellapais: Ancient Architecture And Nature In Perfect Symbiosis

The Abbey of Bellapais represents one of the buildings of the Augustinian monks of the 13th century. Located on a cliff about 300 meters high, it offers excellent views of both the city of Kyrenia and the Mediterranean Sea.

The site is perfectly adapted for tourism, with several stores and even cafes to relax. It offers lush gardens, a Gothic charm of the time and above all, a small museum that helps us to replicate the life of the monks who were once here.

You can also opt for guided tours by experts who will help you explore every corner of the place and appreciate the wonderful ancient architecture of the site.

Büyük Han: Memories Of The Ottoman Influence In Cyprus

Büyük Han represents one of the oldest buildings that demonstrates the Ottoman invasion of the island. This place was considered an inn for both travellers and merchants, as well as a meeting place for conducting business.

Today the architecture is still standing, showing a beautiful building that has lasted through the years. We can find cafes, souvenir shops and even a unique mosque in the middle of the courtyard.

It is a unique place to visit where you can evaluate ancient architecture and history while enjoying the pleasures of today without having to hire guides or additional excursions. The truth is that you will leave this place with a piece of history in your mind, as well as knowledge of what ancient trading places were like.


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