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11 travel ideas for the fitness enthusiast

While 2020 wasn’t really the best year for traveling, everyone’s hoping that 2021 will be better. If you’re already looking for some fun and interesting locations for your next vacation, make sure to think of your interests and find a location that will inspire you and fill your batteries. If you’re a true fitness enthusiast, you should look for a place that will keep you calm and refreshed and that will also make it possible for you to practice fitness and exercise whenever you feel like it. Here are some of the best places for this all around the world.

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Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, Florida

One of the first places that represent a true paradise on earth for any fitness enthusiast is the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort. Located in Miami’s North Beach, this resort is a true gem. With a 70,000 square foot spa, you’ll have the time of your life if you decide to travel there. You could indulge in some of the many pleasures this largest spa facility on the East Coast has to offer – sensory rain showers, a crystal steam room, a foot spa, Finnish sauna, and even an igloo – the only one in Miami.

You can also pick any type of treatment you’d like. From traditional massages to beauty therapies, this resort simply has it all. You could also go for salt float therapy, cryoskin toning, acupuncture, or IV Therapy. If you’re in the mood for some outdoor activities, you’ll be happy to hear that you could go rock climbing. For some adrenaline rush, you could also do boxing, HIIT, dance, and spinning, or practice some yoga to stay mindful.

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

The next pretty cool location on this list is the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland. This multi-hotel health resort is located just one hour outside Zurich. It is also near Switzerland’s border to Austria which means that, if you go there, you could use your vacation to visit one more country during your stay. As soon as you arrive, you’ll be more than happy when you see that the resort is next to the thermal waters of the Tamina Gorge.

Tamina Therme spa will amaze you with its offers of treatments and you won’t wonder at all why this resort calls itself the “Europe’s Leading Well-Being and Medical Health Resort”. You could spend your time in this impressive spa center, but you could also visit the Medical Health Center, the Swiss Olympic Medical Center, a rehabilitation clinic, and even a Heidi-themed family spa, which will be the best idea if you’re travelling with kids. Make sure to also check out the casino (without children though), the two golf courses, a sculpture garden, and go hiking or wine tasting as well.

InterContinental Maldives Maamunagau Resort

Have you ever been to the Maldives? If not, why not use the opportunity and go there for your next vacation? The InterContinental Maldives Maamunagau Resort could be the right place for you if you’d like to learn more about nature and activate all of your senses. This island is so rich in marine life that you’ll constantly feel amazed by it. The sand sharks and rainbow-colored fish, visible even without snorkels, will leave you speechless!

If you like water, you’ll definitely enjoy it in one of the six serene over-water villas at the spa. There is also a yoga pavilion that you shouldn’t miss. If you want a really unique experience, you should definitely go to a complimentary daily tea service. A sommelier will meet you there and lead you through the tasting. If you’re more in the mood for cocktails, don’t worry – evening digestives are also included in the package. All in all, you’ll be so drunk from the surroundings, the calmness, and the serenity that any period of time won’t be enough for your stay.

ANA InterContinental Beppu Resort and Spa, Japan

Japan is truly a magical place. If you’ve never been before, make sure to make a reservation for the ANA InterContinental Beppu Resort and Spa. The spa resort was recently opened and it is located in Japan’s Oita Prefecture. There’s hardly a more popular hot spring area in Japan than this one. During your visit, you should make sure to go to the local spa inspired by traditional medicine where you’ll feed both your body and soul.

All of the treatments in the HARNN’s Spa are based on natural ingredients which can already tell you that this place will be amazing. With 79 guest rooms and 10 suites, the resort is also rich in bamboo-decorated features. Not only that, but you’ll also see a lot of wood- and marble-decorated features. You’re bound to find your piece of heaven in some of the five treatment rooms, two outdoor onsens, a garden, and even an open-air terrace baths from which you’ll be able to enjoy the mountain or bay views.

Valley Rock Inn, New York

If you want to visit America, for instance, why not go to New York? Even though New York is famous for its wild and never-stopping energy, only an hour from this beautiful city, a paradise is located. In the Lower Hudson Valley, there is a Valley Rock Inn and Mountain Club which makes a great choice for any vacation, especially one for fitness lovers. With plenty of activities you can choose from, you won’t experience a single boring day while you stay there.

If you’d like to move a lot around and spend time producing adrenalin, this is the destination for you. Don’t forget to bring your favorite protein powder and get ready to have the time of your life. For a true adrenalin rush, make sure to check out the ridgeline climbs, where you could get a chance to go at 2,000 feet high on 7 Hills Trail. You could also enjoy some trail run hikes or go biking or kayaking. Depending on your hobbies and interests, make sure to also check out the 75-foot pool, the fitness center, spin room, or the yoga studio.

Naia Resort & Spa, Placencia, Belize

The next amazing destination on the list is the Naia Resort and Spa. This gorgeous resort is located in the Caribbean Sea on Belize’s southern coast. This resort will provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience and you’ll only look forward to coming back as soon as you leave it. You could choose your accommodation however you like since Naia offers some pretty cool stand-alone villas which can be anything from studios to two-bedrooms. The best thing is that they all have beachfront access.

While you’re there, don’t forget to check out some of the endless activities this paradise on earth has to offer. For instance, you could go to some on-site fitness classes and work on your mind and body while also making new friends. On the other hand, you could pay a visit to a private yoga lawn or enjoy a long walk on the beach. Kayaking, snorkeling, and paddle-boarding are just some of the other activities you could take part in while in Belize. With the help of the resort staff, you can also go for some off-site activities. For instance, you could go river tubing or you could see the local Scarlet Macaws.

Casali di Casole, Italy

There is hardly a more interesting country than Italy. With its impressive history, eye-catching landscapes, delicious food, and amicable people, Italy is simply the perfect destination for anyone. For a fitness enthusiast, the Casali di Casole is the right place in Italy. This destination is located on a Tuscan hilltop and it spreads over 4,200 acres. The estate dates back to the 10th century. It’s a perfect space for any history lover as well. Rural Italy is best shown through this location.

You could rent a villa or a farmhouse. Even though it doesn’t sound as good, you should know that the farmhouses are elegant as well. This is the right location for your next vacation if you like spending time outside and getting to know the country life as well. While listening to the amazing Italian language and maybe learning a word or two, you could go hiking or horseback riding. You could also visit the local farms, spot wildlife for a while, and then look forward to dining a mouth-watering dish once you get back to your accommodation.

Seven Senses Spain

For any fitness lover that also happens to love the Spanish language and spirituality, Seven Senses in Spain is the perfect travel idea. This beautiful retreat in Mallorca will take you on a journey through the seven chakras. The ideal stay here is 7 days which is exactly the time needed for you to refresh and recover from anything and become a brand new person. Your visit to Seven Senses will be so enriching that you’ll feel better than ever and all that due to many multi-dimensional activations that you’ll get an opportunity to go through.

For instance, you’ll indulge in activities such as breath-work, but you’ll also do some sound journey to holistic health workshops. Physical movement will also be a pretty important part of the whole experience. Each day should be focused on a single chakra. Opening the chakras will be pretty beneficial and you’ll enjoy the process fully. By understanding, clearing, and optimizing each chakra at a time, you’ll reach your goal before even noticing. You’ll also get the chance to get to know Spain and its wonderful people!

The Little French Retreat, Himalayas

Speaking of spirituality, the Himalayas are next on this amazing list of destinations all around the world. The Himalayas are really one of the places you shouldn’t miss out to see. If you haven’t already traveled there, you should definitely do so as soon as an opportunity pops up. Spending two weeks in this charming place could be the best way to spend a vacation.

This 14-day escapade to the Himalayas could be a true gift. Uttarakhand is one of the most spiritually-charged places in the world and this travel could enrich you in many ways. The Little French Retreat is the perfect resort since it also allows you to take part in the silent walks over Delhi and Almora. You could also spend your days visiting ancient temples or in a cooking workshop. Even an Ayurvedic treatment could be the activity of your choice.

Amrit Ocean Resort, Florida

Amrit Ocean Resort is another interesting place you could visit in 2021. This gorgeous resort is located on Singer Island in Florida. This a newly-opened resort fully focused on wellness, which makes it the perfect vacation destination for a fitness enthusiast. The resort is pretty special because it has partnered with the Himalayan Institute and that made it possible to combine all sorts of different experiences.

For instance, the resort combines some of the Eastern traditions such as energy healing and mindfulness with modern and luxury amenities. While bringing you the best of both worlds, the resort will make you feel like you really are in heaven. You could get involved in some elaborate Aayush hydrothermal healing experience as well while you’re there. You could go for vitamin IV therapy, osteopaths, meditation classes, acupuncture, and many other activities as well.

Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal, Mexico

Finally, Mexico is also a place worth visiting. The Waldorf Astoria Spa will make you feel like you were born to enjoy life. Paying a visit to this spa is a perfect way for you to restore your mind, body, and spirit.

You’ll be able to practice yoga whenever you feel like it and you could also get involved in a number of different activities. Don’t forget to check out the Janzu water therapy as well while in Mexico. The magic stone massages will also make you feel like you were born again, so make sure to check them out as well.


If you are a true fitness enthusiast, you’ll find any of these destinations heaven-like. So, wait no more and make reservations for your favorites from the list!


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