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10 Top Trends in Kitchen Design for 2021

The Latest Kitchen Design Trends for 2021

Are you looking to refresh the look of your kitchen? Below are the best modern kitchen design tips to consider when renovating your kitchen.

Spending almost all our time at home due to the COVID pandemic, a kitchen has become a multifunctional room for most homeowners. From doubling for makeshift offices, living rooms, and stores, it is an important place in a house. As such, upgrading it is invaluable for better living conditions or increasing its resale value. Below are some of the best kitchen design ideas to note. 

1. Rethink the Upper Cabinets 

Cabinets play a significant role in contributing to a good kitchen interior design. However, while they provide additional space, they are unnecessary. Interior designers encourage homeowners to update their kitchen cabinet design tools by finding ways of ditching these bulky cabinets for open shelves or alternative storage units. 

Modern design ideas recommend creating an open kitchen space easily accessible from other rooms. However, within such open spaces are wall shelving with minimal built-in cabinets. Additionally, such a design makes it easy to have everyday dishes easily accessible while displaying your favorite items. 

2. Wisely Hidden Appliances With Smart Technology 

Advancing technology has seen a surge in interest in smart devices, with most homeowners updating their kitchen with the latest technologies. Thus, there is a high demand for skillfully hiding stainless-steel appliances, especially with aesthetic wood paneling. 

Currently, homeowners prefer keeping small appliances, such as the best espresso machines, in their pantry or secondary spaces to prevent distractions and free up kitchen counters. Another design tip is installing paneled appliances where possible. This makes your kitchen overly functional while maintaining its style. 

3. Innovative Compact Kitchen Design

Homeowners with narrow or small kitchen spaces should adopt smart, compact design trends. This ensures that your kitchen has minimal clutter while providing maximum efficiency. For those with small rooms, carefully choose a layout kitchen design that ensures that every inch of the space is used. 

Good compact design concepts include installing a bank of cabinets along one wall to streamline and open the other space. You can also have tall wall units, which provide additional storage areas. Even with narrow space, feel free to install a breakfast bar or island in the kitchen. However, consider the dimensions to create a compact island that doesn’t restrict navigation around it. 

zane persaud uvfoiBTPcpQ unsplash4. Use Warm Colors 

Even though white remains a popular color in any kitchen design tool, warm hues are also perfect for this space. They are known to evoke the feeling of comfort, offering a sense of home and peace of mind. Design experts recommend pairing these colors with natural wood, greenery, gold accents, and other complementing color options. 

5. Touchless Faucets 

Installing touchless faucets is another design idea that most homeowners should consider in 2021. The surge in their popularity could be due to increased awareness of the importance of hygiene or the need for hands-free functionality at home. According to a report by NKBA trends, the demand for hands-free faucets and motion control will likely increase even more in 2021. 

Similarly, voice-activated faucets have also entered the market and are in demand. Such trends are not only hygienic but also increase productivity in the kitchen. With these installations, you can wash your hands through simple commands. Consider the interior décor of your kitchen; for instance, matte black faucets are good for rooms with warm colors. 

6. Increased Storage Space 

The pandemic period changed what and when people cook. Similarly, homeowners purchased more appliances, utensils, and groceries, straining the storage. Therefore, the new designs should feature additional storage spaces. Depending on the interior, key storage areas to consider are the pantries and freezers. 

Freezers provide excellent long-term secure storage spaces in your kitchen. Therefore, consider replacing your traditional refrigerator with a larger unit. Pantries should also be expanded to accommodate more essential appliances. 

7. Better Indoor-Outdoor Connections 

Another design inspired by the COVID virus is joining indoor and outdoor spaces. A key element in 2021 will be a better physical and visual connection between the kitchen and the outdoors. As such, large windows and bifold doors can be used to achieve this. These might be costly but worthy installations. 

8. Statement Taps

No kitchen design is complete without taps. Therefore, 2021 is the year to have them shining. Unlike traditional tap settings, sturdy, industrial-looking taps with uncommon handles are a great way to complement your space.

9. Hidden Appliances

Even with the appearance of new technologies and kitchen gadgets, people must not necessarily see them. 2021 has an increasing appetite for discreet storage. Homeowners, scrutinizing their appliances’ aesthetic appearance, should consider concealed solutions to streamline the finish without affecting the style.

10. Living Room Furnishings

With the increasing popularity of open-plan, living room furnishing in kitchens are a modern trend. Unlike before, creating a comfortable and well-presented kitchenette is more important. However, try not to clutter the area with lots of items.

Bottom Line 

Over time, the kitchen has stepped up, becoming a family room, schooling room, office space, among others. Implement the ideas mentioned above to create a nice and trendy atmosphere. That said, if you have done this before, what other design tips should homeowners consider? Let us know in the comments.

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