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Wallpaper Designs from All Over the World That Are Sure to Impress

Wallpapers have gained large popularity over the past few years and now every year there is a new wallpaper trend that is followed by active interior decorators. These trends include new and innovative designs of stick and peel wallpapers that include panoramic murals, contemporary geometrics, and 3D textures that have the ability to completely transform your rooms and make them look gorgeous.

Wallpapers are being designed all over the world using new and innovative techniques that allow you to embellish silks and glass cloths and play with any design and pattern you like. Here, we will discuss the most popular wallpapers in different parts of the world that are sure to impress you;

Panoramic Mural Wallpaper

  • The panoramic mural wallpaper trend started in America and in the past year, it has gained traction to the point where it is one the most popular wallpaper design all over the world today. Mural-style landscapes and sceneries are being printed on wallpapers which help you create a unique and atmospheric look in your rooms.

These cute wallpapers for walls help put your walls on the center stage and as an added bonus they also offer a large variety of extraordinary statements for your walls which helps them in looking more unique and appealing.

Trompe-l’œil Wallpapers

  • The term Trompe-l’œil literally translates as a trick of the eye. This trend was started in France and it usually consists of wallpapers that help to turn the wall into something that it is not. These wallpapers help give off the illusion that your wall is tiled when actually it is not.

These types of wallpapers have become popular during the last year because of their uniqueness and the effects they help create. Wallpapers like this are an excellent choice for you if you want your room to look unique and special.

Textured Wallpapers

  • Textured wallpapers became popular because of their ability to create certain unique effects on your walls. These wallpapers can help you give your walls a unique and seductive look. This type of wallpaper is usually handmade from the pulp that is generated from the abaca plant and it is made using a papermaking technique.

These wallpapers come in a large variety of designs and patterns that you are able to choose from based on your requirements and preferences.

Botanical Wallpapers

  • Botanical wallpapers are a great way of bringing a natural look and feel to your rooms. This type of wallpaper allows you to capture all the beauty of the outdoors inside your living space. It also helps you in adding some unique color and freshness to your home. It also has the ability to work as a great backdrop for real plants.

Tropical Wallpapers

  • A tropical peel and stick wallpaper is a perfect way to revitalize your entire living space. These wallpapers come in various designs and implement various scenes which can help bring some new life to your home.

This type of wallpaper design is famous all over the world and because of their versatility and the fact that they are available in thousands of colors and textures means that you will be able to find one that is the perfect match for you.

Abstract Design Wallpapers

  • The abstract design wallpapers help you cross eras and universes. These wallpapers are perfect for giving your room a more mysterious and enigmatic look. The added benefit of using abstract design wallpapers is that these types of wallpaper come in thousands of unique patterns and colors which means that you have the ability to pick out a design that is best suited for you.

This type of wallpaper is a surefire way of making your room stand out and makes your friends and everyone that visits your house extremely jealous.


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