Unleash Your Creativity Through Self-Hypnosis

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Creative Process

Creativity is something most of us find increasingly difficult to activate in modern life. Full time work, packed schedules and multiple responsibilities means that creative flair and ideas are often suppressed due to mental fatigue.

But in the way that many people will use relaxation techniques to minimize the symptoms of burn-out, self-hypnosis can be used to help stir the creative juices and ensure everything is working to its full potential again.

pendulum balls

pendulum balls

Hypnosis may sound like an unorthodox practice, popularized by lots of unhelpful myths seen in movies, but many people will have already experienced this without even realizing. Have you ever finished a car journey and had no idea how you made it from A to B? That is an example of a person entering a state of hypnosis.

Self-hypnosis refers to a situation where someone enters a hypnotic state without guidance but can also refer to sessions with the help of a hypnotherapist. By activating a natural state of relaxation, there are numerous benefits which will people to train allow their minds and unlock their creative potential.

Increased focus

Doing yoga exercises outdoors

Doing yoga exercises outdoors

It’s not uncommon for creatives like artists and performers to be so immersed in practice that nothing external exists in that moment – something often referred to as the “zone” or “flow” by athletes. Writers and painters can work for hours without even realizing how much time has passed once they tap into the right mental state. Focus is essential for tasks which require your brain to operate at such a heightened state and is one of the primary benefits of self-hypnosis.


When it comes to creativity, motivation can often be one of the missing ingredients. You may find that you have grown comfortable with a way of doing things. Or you may be missing the spark that motivates you to break away from the norm and do something different, perhaps requiring you to dip into your personal time. But despite popular belief, lack of motivation can be attributed to things other than laziness or lack of discipline. Perfectionism for example, can affect people’s desires to invest time and energy into something, wanting to complete the task perfectly or not at all. Hypnotherapy can tap into something deeper to target the real causes and find that spark again.


In a similar way, anxiety can trigger a multitude of adverse effects that may disrupt creativity. Whether it is indecisiveness or lack of concentration, creativity will suffer in the wrong conditions. Hypnosis can help target unhelpful habits and beliefs exacerbated by anxiety. A healthy mind will not only allow your creative instincts to thrive but to also last in the long-term.


Perhaps most importantly, hypnosis can also help you see beyond the limits that you impose on yourself. Whether it is fear of failure, self-esteem issues or negative self-talk, without knowing it you may be blocking your own creative potential. We are all guilty of being our worst critic, but by using self-hypnosis you can create a healthier mental environment to allow maximum creativity.

Author Bio

Christine Deschemin is a certified clinical hypnotherapist based in Hong Kong

 Christine Deschemin is a certified clinical hypnotherapist based in Hong Kong. She founded the Renewed Edge Hypnotherapy Centre and the creator of the self-hypnosis UpNow. She is passionate about helping other people enhance their lives. Her quest for effective and proven methods for performance enhancement led her to the discovery of hypnosis. With a strong interest in peak performance, she has helped athletes, executives, entrepreneurs, and individuals overcome emotional and behavioral challenges and achieve success. As a former banker, she has experienced first-hand the stress and tension of everyday life. In addition, she holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

She is certified by the NGH (The National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc) in the U.S. and has received a diploma as a clinical hypnotherapist in France.







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