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Unexpected Places to Add Value in Your Home

You don’t need to complete large renovations to increase the value of your home. Learn about some of the unexpected places to add value in your home.

Every homeowner wants to know that their home has retained at least some of its initial value. As such, many go to great lengths to preserve and increase their property’s value through expensive renovations. Fortunately, this isn’t the only way to raise a home’s value. In fact, there are much simpler ways to get the same effect with much less work—and some of them involve parts of the home you’d least expect. These are some of the easiest, most unexpected places to add value in your home.

Entryway or Mudroom

These areas might not seem like the most glamorous places to upgrade, but they’re highly sought after in the housing market. It’s important that your entryway and mudroom can remain organized and neat. This may involve installing plenty of storage and applying your personal style in a practical way. Since these areas of the home will see the most contact with the outside elements, make sure you can store cleaning supplies nearby to assist with regular cleanings.

Laundry Room

laundry room with a washing machine
Interior of a real laundry room with a washing machine at home

Traditionally, your home’s laundry room and the concept of style don’t mix. This room is often used entirely as a means for doing chores, and it’s treated as such. However, an attractive laundry room can make a home appear more attractive as a whole. A pleasant-looking laundry room will appeal to potential homebuyers much more than the dull, chore-dedicated room they’re probably used to. For the most effect, incorporate custom storage and update your appliances.


TheDesignTourist AddValueToHome 1Increasing home value is only one of the many reasons to give your garage a makeover. From making it more useful in your daily life to ensuring it can protect your belongings, renovating your garage comes with a series of benefits for any homeowner. Even something as simple as a new coat of paint makes your property more pleasing to the eye and increases its overall value. This, in addition to adopting a more efficient method for organizing the space, will grab a buyer’s attention and keep their interest.

Attic or Basement

Wooden office in the attic
Modern office in the attic with wooden desk, bookcase and two windows – 3d rendering

You can do a lot more with an attic or basement than simple storage. In fact, many homebuyers actively search for homes that effectively utilize these areas. You may want to properly insulate yours to save on energy bills. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even turn these spaces into additional bedrooms, which will also add market value to the property. Either way, making them functional and practical to the rest of the home ensures that you and a future buyer can get the most out of every square inch.

Dining Room

Minimalistic Dining Room Interior
Wide angle shot of modern open living room with white wooden table and grey kitchen counters in minimalistic Scandinavian design lit by sunlight, copy space, nobody

You can’t do a whole lot in a dining room to raise value, but architectural and design details can go a long way. Some ideas for this might include installing hardwood flooring, using accent lighting, and adding texture to your walls. These simple adjustments can make a room feel larger, more inviting, and more elegant to any visitors you invite over. This atmosphere alone gives a home character and provides it with a unique touch that homebuyers are often looking for.

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