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Tips to Make Your Home the Perfect Host for the Holidays

‘Tis the Season to Make Ready for Guests

Conveying hearth and home to visitors involves special touches

Ellistone TV Stand with ClassicFlame Electric Fireplace RSAccording to AAA’s statistics, one in three Americans travel during the holidays. While many may stay in hotels and residential rentals, the majority become guests in the homes of friends and family. Outfitting a home, especially the guest area, with special touches, creature comforts, and thoughtful amenities immediately welcomes visiting company.

Some ideas to show guests they can truly “make themselves at home” – be it during the holidays or any time – include these four:

Kitchen Cart1) Stock up. Mornings and evenings, especially, are when guests typically enjoy relaxing. Consider providing a selection of coffees, teas, creamers, sugar, honey, and some powdered flavorings. Pick up fresh scones, muffins, and bagels from a favorite bakery (or make them), and add some fresh fruit. All these goods can be arranged on a kitchen cart, such as one from Twin Star Home. Various styles, from modern farmhouse to contemporary, are attractive but also utilitarian. Drawers can be filled with eating utensils and napkins, while shelves house a variety of essentials. In the evening, breakfast accoutrements can be moved to a lower shelf, and the countertop arranged with a charcuterie board, refreshments, a selection of beer and wine (or cocktail ingredients), glasses, small plates, and more.

Bathroom Design by Jeanne Chung2) Bath and body. A guest bathroom should be replete with enough towels, wash cloths, and toiletries to accommodate all visitors. Make sure there is a drying rack or plenty of hooks for hanging up towels, unless guests can expect clean towels daily. Towels can be arranged on special shelving, stand-alone linen towers or floor cabinets, or in baskets. Storage pieces also hold extra toilet paper, paper cups, and basic first aid items.

3) Warm and cozy. Bedrooms are where hosts can pull out all the stops for guests. Soft and lush bedding, a comfortable bed, plush pillows, and feet friendly area rugs are musts. But a special touch is an electric fireplace, for rooms not already equipped with a built-in fireplace. Twin Star Home has an extensive assortment of electric fireplaces that serve dual functions: both heater and furniture. Provide a cozy heat and guests may never want to leave!

TSH Melissa TV Stand with ClassicFlame Electric Fireplace RS4) Entertain them.  Whether in the guest bedroom or in a gathering area where guests are welcome, making certain there is an entertainment area equipped with the latest audio and visual technology allows guests to settle in and enjoy. Include remote instructions for smart televisions, satellite services, and DVD players. Some electric fireplaces are also television stands, but Twin Star Home has up-to-date entertainment stand designs as well that feature built-in Bluetooth options. Learn guest’s music preferences and set up a special playlist to welcome them when they arrive!

Also, make certain that guests have plenty to read, such as the latest magazines, local and national newspapers, and a few books. A small placard with the home’s Wi-Fi password, situated on a nightstand, ensures guests can connect quickly without having to pester hosts. Plus, some brochures touting local activities and a community’s calendar of events enable guests to determine if there are special interests to add to an itinerary. Finally, some finishing touches just before guests arrive are flowers and a bedside pitcher of water with drinking glasses.

Attending to both small and significant details expresses volumes to visiting guests.

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