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Three Unique Wall Decor Ideas for Your Home

Buying a beautiful piece of art will make great wall decor, but there are many other ways to bring your home to life in unique, personal, and stunning ways.

Finding beautiful wall décor for your humble abode isn’t a difficult task, whether it’s a piece of artwork you buy online, photos you take with the family, or even a stunning mirror. That said, it can be hard to find décor that’s truly unique and personal enough to wow guests. These three unique wall décor ideas for your home will help you transform any wall into a must-see attraction.

Break out the plates

It’s common practice for homeowners to obtain some fine china and place it away in a cabinet, only taking it out during special occasions. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, those plates can transform a blank wall into a thing of beauty. Just like a creative piece of artwork can boast a colorful floral pattern or a specific image of a beautiful place or animal, so can a plate. It might sound odd that a plate can be so visually interesting, but if you shop around to some specialty providers, you’ll find an eclectic sea of entrancing tableware.

There are multiple ways to go about hanging plates on the wall. There are plate hangers on the market that you can sit the dish inside with ease and stability. On the other hand, you can try some adhesive hangers that ensure the only things you and your guests will see are the plates and not the material you’re using to keep them on the wall.

Put up some Juju hats

When you hear the term “Juju hats,” it might sound like a type of attire, and they are, but they can also make great pieces of wall décor. You’ll also hear this item commonly referred to as “Cameroonian Juju hats” or “Tyn.” Thanks to both their stylish appearance and their cultural significance, there are a variety of ways homeowners can use Juju hats to bring a wall to life.

Not only do they look beautiful, but they also give you the chance to explain the cultural significance to guests when they stop by, making it more than just a simple wall decoration. Whether you want a Juju hat that sports a shade of solid cream, vibrant pink, or a bevy of colors and patterns, you can find one that’ll truly make your wall pop.

Decorate the wall with your own art

Out of all three unique wall décor ideas for your home, this one might be the most personal, simply because you get to design it yourself. If you’re an artist, why not forgo a normal canvas or frame and transform a wall, or multiple walls in the house, into a unique piece of artwork? This can be an extravagant piece of abstract art, an incredible interpretation of your favorite vacation spot, a moving illustration of a childhood memory, or anything else your heart desires.

If you’re not an artist, that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with this idea. In fact, if you live with your whole family, gather everyone together, and transform the wall using a group of illustrations that stem from everyone’s imagination. It might not win any art awards, but it’ll be a fun display of your family’s creativity.


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