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How To Tastefully Add More Color to Your Home

How To Tastefully Add More Color to Your Home

All colors can evoke varying feelings, from happy to sad to drab. When you begin designing the interior layout of your home, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed, as so much depends on the choices you make. One of the main areas where people can find themselves intimidated is bringing more color to their homes. They don’t want to overdo it, as there should be a balance to the décor. That’s why you might want to know how to tastefully add more color to your home.

Incorporate Greenery

Many of us in modern-day society have become quite removed from nature. It’s possible that the most of the natural world we see and interact with is the grass on our lawns or sidewalks. But believe it or not, plants can actually bring a sense of peace and alleviate depression symptoms.

That’s also not to mention the incredible range of colors plants come in. They can bring green, yellow, pink, purple, or other vibrant hues to your living spaces. Incorporating more plants into your home is a great way to tastefully add a splash of color.

Change the Statement Piece

If you’re not too keen on adding anything else to your interior, you might consider giving your statement pieces a makeover. For example, you can reupholster your furniture to give it a funky, cooling color. Many people right now are reupholstering their couches and dining seats to a lively emerald hue. Moreover, if you have a glass tabletop, you might consider selecting a new tabletop glass color, as there are actually several hues to choose from.

Have an Accent Wall

Perhaps you want to bring a pop of color with little to no commitment. In that case, you should add an accent wall to your home. The best places for them are usually in the living or dining room areas. There are many accent wallpapers available that require little work. If you don’t like your accent wall or are moving out, you’ll find it incredibly easy to remove the wallpaper as well.

Add Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are the perfect way to add a pop of color without too much commitment. Many people adore this option because you can also change the covers out if you’re going with a new color scheme or wish to reflect the seasons. If you have a funky pattern or bright hue you adore but don’t know how to incorporate, consider putting it on a throw pillow.

Layer a Rug

When we think about adding a splash of color to our homes, many of us tend to look up, thinking the best place is on our walls. However, we disregard the dynamic effect a rug can have in our living area. Keep in mind that there are no rules when layering rugs. You can incorporate them whether your floors are carpeted or hardwood.

If you don’t know what color rug you want, refer to other decorative items nearby and look for rugs with patterns in those similar hues. That way, you can continue the color scheme you already have while still adding a dynamic look to your living room.

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