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Stylish Decoration Ideas for Refreshing Your Bathroom

Like any house that has had the same look for a while, it can come time for change. Your bathroom in particular has the ability to look and feel outdated before long. Given how much we use this room in our home, it can become a noticeable problem in short order.

Refreshing your bathroom’s look does not have to be this huge undertaking. It doesn’t require making huge renovations. You can accomplish a new-look by checking out western bathroom ideas, orange bathroom ideas, and even looking into bathroom wall quotes. Try a stylish bathroom heater, a bathroom wall clock, or even a bathroom corner wall shelf.

Those are just a few of the many things that you can implement to make your bathroom feel brand new again. Here are a few other things that you may want to try to give your bathroom a new, fresh look.

1Use Oversized Map in the Bathroom

There are plenty of ways to make your bathroom feel more unique and inviting. When you can’t afford to go with a hot tub (although you should check out the best hot tubs for one person at ByRossi.)

An oversized map or an old world map can make for a great touch to pull the look together in your bathroom. It is especially great if you are looking for a boho-inspired makeover, particularly with a black and white world map.

A huge map can cater to the adventurous sense in a person. Moreover, it can add a world-faring flair to a relatively small space. With pictures of historical places, the look can all come together to feel almost like a travel destination right there within your bathroom.

Refresh the Room with Floral Wallpaper

As much as we would all like to make big, expensive changes, that can’t always happen. Even if some of the best TVs for the bathroom can be had at a steal. Instead, consider a fresh, modern wallpaper to brighten up the space.

There are so many to choose from: vintage floral wallpaper, pink floral wallpaper, dark floral wallpaper, watercolor floral wallpaper, black floral wallpaper, green floral wallpaper, and even antique floral wallpaper.

Whatever aesthetic you can bring to the table can be done with the right wallpaper choice. Even better, application is relatively straightforward. That means no need to hire an expensive installer to do the job for you.

So find the wallpaper that you have been looking for and transform you bathroom for the better in no more than a weekend. It is a fast, cheap way to make your bathroom feel new and inviting like no other option out there.

2Double Up Curtains

While it is encouraged to invite natural light into a space, you don’t exactly want your bathroom to be welcoming to the outside world. That is why it is important to have curtains in your bathroom. Bathroom curtains – bed bath and beyond bathroom curtains are a great option – can provide privacy yet compliment the overall aesthetic of the room.

Small bathroom curtains, blue bathroom curtains, grey bathroom curtains; it doesn’t matter. You can tie the entire design together with the right color and style of curtain. You can even play off of complementary colors with a multicolor pattern.

Doubling up is a great way to add to the room without taking up too much valuable space. Even better, it can help to keep privacy in one of the most private rooms in the home. Curtains can go much farther than you may have ever realized before.

3Metallic Touches

Metallic touches are becoming a popular item in bathroom designs everywhere and with good reason. Metal adds a high-end touch that can coincide with just about any design motif out there. It is versatile, high-end, and can be had for a reasonable cost.

Think about adding golden sconces where your light fixtures are. There are a bunch of different choices out there when it comes to metallic spray paint, too: metallic blue, metallic gold, and metallic silver are all great choices that remain neutral yet complimentary to the rest of the colors and design.

Fixtures and accessories are a great place to add some metal. Towel rings, soap dispensers, and soap trays are all great options that will barely make a dent in your budget. All will give your bathroom that luxury feel that so many homeowners strive for in all areas of their home.

Hang Some Plants in the Bathroom

If you thought that hanging plants were a bit outdated, think again. They are making a comeback and with good reason. They provide a freshness that only Mother Nature can supply. They also provide a little bit of necessary green that can compliment just about any space.

Home Depot hanging plants are both readily available and cost-effective. Hanging succulents, particularly colorful succulents, can add a bright pop of color to compliment the space.

Unless you are going with artificial outdoor hanging plants, you need to know how to water hanging plants to keep them thriving long-term. There are even upside down hanging plants if you want to get really creative with it.

There are tons of options available if you wanted to add a little touch of Mother Nature to your bathroom. No matter what you choose, almost anything will work to improve and compliment the space like never before.


When it comes right down to it, improving and refreshing your bathroom does not have to be this large undertaking. That means not spending a lot of time or money making improvements that can go a long, long way.

Whether it be a coat of paint, some new wallpaper, complimentary decorations, or stylish new fittings, each of them can have a huge impact on your bathroom. It all comes down to your goals, time available, and budgetary limitations.

After that, your imagination is the only restriction to just how much you can do and how far you can go transforming your bathroom space.


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