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Simple Ways To Incorporate Luxury Into Your Bathroom

There are many things older adults must consider when buying new living room furniture to minimize the chances of the piece becoming a safety risk.

It’s easy to forget that a bathroom is an essential part of the house. It’s more than just a place to quickly get clean before returning to other tasks. The bathroom is a stronghold of self-care as well as hygiene. To get back into the habit of spending positive downtime in a bathroom, it’s a great idea to take a look at what is and isn’t working in yours. Try a few simple ways to incorporate luxury into your bathroom and make this room important again.

Reign in the Arrangement

We get used to just running in and out of the bathroom. With busy lives and other things to do it’s common to just run in and hop in the shower, blast some perfume, quickly scrub your teeth, and dash out again. The result of all this haste means a cluttered bathroom. They’re some of the worst places for clutter and inconvenient placement. While you don’t have to change the habit of ‘putting things where you can get at them’, a better way to control the clutter can make all the difference.

Try utilizing decorative ceramic boxes to contain the hoard of scrunchies, hair clips, and miscellaneous make-up items. A simple tray will help contain bottles and jars crowding up the counter. Cups, hooks, and shelves are good, attractive alternatives compared to stuffed cabinets.

Step up the Product Quality

All of your time and effort spent arranging and decluttering will mean nothing if you use unappealing items. While there’s value in having simple plain old soap and shampoo—especially if you live with minimalists—it’s just not very luxurious. There’s no reason not to have a basic bar of soap, but it doesn’t need to be displayed prominently. Instead, find quality scented soaps that have really rich aromas.

By using good soaps and shampoos, not only will you smell nice, but the scents will linger in the bathroom. The more you use higher-end products, the longer the great aromas will stay in the air. Try out some handmade soaps or treat yourself to some elegantly scented bath soaps. These types of items also make great gifts and are a nice way to get into the habit of better self-care.

Soften the Décor

Some other simple ways to incorporate luxury into your bathroom is to soften things up. Take a look at your design choices. Are there a lot of tight angles and hard lines? Do the colors and materials make bold statements? Metal and wood may be popular for bathrooms, but these textures and colors feel imposing.

Try emphasizing the feel of water with swooping shapes. You can also utilize gentler colors such as whites, greys, and washed-out greens, blues, and pinks. Think relaxing in the sea for your bathroom and leave the utilitarian stuff for the kitchen.


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