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Reasons to Only Travel With Carry-On Luggage

The biggest reasons to only travel with carry-on luggage are to save time and money at the airport. Pack light and travel like a pro with carry-on bags.

If packing for a trip is stressful for you, a simple solution may be to pack light. One of the best ways to avoid overpacking is to only bring a carry-on bag with you to the airport. There are many reasons to only travel with carry-on luggage, such as saving money and time, but the best benefit is that you’ll relieve stress. Keep reading to find out how you can have a more relaxing trip with less luggage.

Avoid Luggage Fees

While some airlines allow you to check a bag, most charge you per bag. Further, they may charge you if your bag weighs too much. Checking a bag means you must carefully inspect guidelines for your specific airline. If you make a mistake, you will have to pay more or find a way to repack your luggage. It’s easier to simply pay attention to the carry-on instructions.

No Delays at Baggage Claim

When you carry on all your luggage, you can skip baggage claim and go onwards to your destination after you leave the plane. Some airport layouts mean that you don’t pass baggage claim at all if you aren’t picking up luggage. Even if you do pass baggage claim, you won’t have to wait around like those who let the airline handle their luggage. You’ll be able to head straight to your taxi, rental car, or whoever is picking you up.

Fewer Missing or Stolen Bags

One of the worst things that can happen if you check luggage is that the airline loses your bags. If you keep your luggage with you, you won’t risk losing it or having it stolen. Most people carry indiscrete, black bags that look the same as everyone else’s. It’s easy for people to grab the wrong bag and for you to end up without your necessities.

Keep Your Bags With You

You may want to keep your bags with you for several reasons. You can protect your bags when they are constantly in your sight. Further, if your bag malfunctions, you can fix it before you lose items. It’s important to know the causes of zipper failure so that you can fix your bag if it breaks in the middle of the airport.

Pack Light

When you bring only carry-on luggage for a flight, you’ll need to pack fewer items. Your luggage will only fit so much clothing and personal necessities, and you will only be able to lift so much weight. Your carry-on bag goes in the storage above your seat. Most airlines allow you to bring an additional personal item, which you can stow beneath the seat in front of you.

No one wants a chaotic vacation. Ensure your travel plans go off without a hitch when you take the easy route. The reasons to only travel with carry-on luggage are for security and to save time and money. Further, you may avoid stolen or damaged luggage when you keep your bags with you throughout your entire flight. Take it easy on your next vacation.


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