A Quick Guide To Beauty Prepping For Your Next Trip

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Going away on a trip can be a very exciting occasion, but if you don’t feel prepared, you’re probably going to panic. You don’t want to have to fill up your limited bag space with grooming products, do you? You surely don’t want to spend a portion of your trip holed up in the bathroom shaving, applying makeup, or doing other things you feel you need to do to feel good about yourself? 

If you want to look and feel good on your next trip but absolutely don’t want to squander a good portion of the tip in the bathroom, this guide can help you. Take a look and you’ll get an idea of what to do for your next trip:

Avoid False Tan

Applying false tan can be a great idea if you’re going somewhere cool where you won’t be hopping into the sea or pool. However, tan will come off when it comes into contact with chlorine. Not in a nice and neat way either, but all over your body in scaly patches. This, paired with the fact that you’re going to be sweating in a hot country, is a disaster for false tan. A gradual tan can be slightly more forgiving, and if you take it with you then you may be able to apply it again in the evening after a shower. If you get a very subtle one that includes moisturizer, you should manage a nice glow without going OTT. Of course, if you tan easily it could be a good idea to take your SPF and just try to build a natural tan. You may be pale for the first few days, but as long as you take your SPF to protect your skin, you’ll be able to build a safe, glowing tan. 

Forget About Shaving

Having to shave every day or every other day while you’re away is no fun. Forget about shaving and look into affordable laser hair removal instead. You will need to do this with plenty of time to spare before you fly, as multiple sessions are required. However, once the hair is gone you will need infrequent maintenance treatments and love your smooth skin. It’ll save you a lot of time and potentially money in the long run. 

Practice Your Hair

It’s nice to have a big, bouncy blow-dry – but if you’re traveling to a hot place, it’s going to go frizzy and flat the second you step off the plane. Practice various hairstyles that can withstand the heat, such as french plaits, high ponytails, and messy buns. These are far better styles to have when you want to enjoy yourself without worrying about how you look. 

Get Gel Polish

Head to a nail tech, and rather than asking for false nails or a simple manicure, see if you can have gel polish. Gel polish enhances your natural nails, looks like normal polish, but lasts 2-3 weeks on average. This can depend on how good the person is who applies it, but it’s a revelation and just perfect for the holidays!

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