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How to Make Your Home Safe Without Sacrificing Style

We all know that safety is a primary concern when you own a home. There are over 1 million burglaries per year, and the average value of property taken is $2,600 per incident.

However, you also want your home to look nice! You definitely don’t want the military compound look while you’re keeping your home safe. Fortunately, you can combine safety with style. Here are some tips on keeping your home secure without sacrificing beauty.

Take Advantage of Lighting

Lighting is a great way to give the appearance of someone being home without affecting your decor or home design. You can use lights indoors on a timer or install smart fixtures that allow you to turn lights on and off remotely, using your mobile phone.

Be sure that you keep your curtains closed when you’re not at home; otherwise, it’s easy to ruin the illusion. Also, curtains can be a stylish way of protecting your privacy and keeping your valuables and belongings out of sight, which reduces the temptation of a would-be burglar.

Put in New Locks That Are Secure and Attractive

Exterior door handle and Security lock
Exterior door handle and Security lock

When you move into a new home, you often inherit doors, windows, and locks that are cheap and may allow easy access to your property. The essential safety of your home requires you to change the locks. If you don’t change the locks, you allow anyone who had a key to the home in the past to come in without any warning.

The good news is that you can put in strong, secure locks without creating a Fort Knox appearance. Today’s locks are sleek and attractive and can match any decor. They are also much more secure than older latches. You can even install smart locks so that you’re notified any time a lock is opened or tampered with. However, you’ll also want excellent cybersecurity to avoid having your smart devices hacked.

Use Dual Purpose Devices to Keep An Eye on Your Home

bottom view of two security cameras on wall, security system concept
bottom view of two security cameras on wall, security system concept

Another way to keep home security looking good is to take advantage of existing fixtures and add security measures. For example, most homes already have a doorbell, so why not replace it with a video doorbell? These devices can help prevent the theft of packages and let you know if someone is near the door.

Outdoor cameras need to be up high for the best viewing range, so take advantage of awnings or existing light fixtures to make them less noticeable. You can also use small, unobtrusive cameras nestled in with your home decor to keep an eye on the interior of your house. A camera with a clear line of sight that’s next to some plants or books will allow you to be safer without taking away from your sense of style.

Hug the Curves

There are many styles of home security devices, and if you want your system to blend in and still keep you safe, focus on the ones that have curves. A round or curved shape is much more appealing than a boxy, square one.

There are times when you might want your cameras visible, as well. They can be a strong deterrent if a would-be thief sees the camera before they break in. That doesn’t mean the security system should be ugly, though. You can use sleek, curved devices to deter thieves and keep things looking good at the same time.

Create Neighborhood Awareness

Another way to keep your home safe without detracting from design is to work with your neighbors. Folks who have lived in the area a long time will know when something — or someone — is out of place. You can all work together to keep your neighborhood safe.

This means getting to know your neighbors and community while building strong relationships with them. You might have a monthly neighborhood get-together so everyone can chat and be comfortable with each other. One of the things that makes a great neighborhood is that everyone knows each other! As you grow to trust your neighbors, you might ask them to watch your home when you’re away. You can do the same for them.

Keep Your Home Security Modern

A tablet with smart home screen.
A tablet with smart home screen.

It’s important to not let your home security devices become too outdated. Older devices are more prone to hacking and tampering, especially since the internet allows thieves to communicate about how to overcome security measures. The older your system is, the more likely it is to be compromised.

That doesn’t mean you have to upgrade every year, but pay attention to new security devices and features as they come out. Occasionally do some research on your security cameras and devices to see if they have known vulnerabilities. If there are any software updates or patches, be sure to download and install them promptly. Finally, you’ll want to ensure that your network security is strong enough to keep hackers and thieves out of your smart home.

Staying Safe and Stylish

Being safe at home doesn’t require unsightly security, tall concrete walls, or unattractive security devices. Instead, you can take simple steps to use today’s technology to keep your home safe and classy at the same time.

The tips in this guide will help you create a home that’s a relaxing haven to spend time in without being an eyesore. There’s no reason to skimp on security when it can be so chic!

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