How Fences Add to a Home’s Market Value

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How Fences Add to a Home’s Market Value

Being a homeowner means you have an opportunity to invest in something that could pay off in the long run. When you buy a house or piece of property, it’s always an investment because real estate rarely ever loses its value. In fact, the value usually goes up over time.

With that said, keeping your property in shape and periodically adding to it factor into its overall market value. One of the best things to start with is a privacy fence, which offers several benefits that might appeal to future home-buyers. This is how fences add to a home’s market value.

The Material

Choosing a low-maintenance yet high-quality material for your fencing can set you on course to a higher home market value. For example, if you put up a wrought iron or strong wooden fence, then you can expect a future buyer to spend a little extra on the home, as they won’t have to spend a lot of time or money on upkeep or replacement.

The Condition

The condition of both the house and the fence will also factor into the overall market value of the home. For wooden fences, if you apply a fresh coat of paint or stain and replace warped planks every couple of years, then you will have done your duty to properly maintain in. Iron is a little different due to the fact that metal tends to rust, so you’ll need to keep an eye out for that. To remove rust, you’ll need a firm wire brush, a bowl, and vinegar. Let the brush soak in the vinegar and then brush away the rust. The vinegar will break down the rust. Once the fence dries, you can add a new layer of paint, and it will be like new.

What Buyers Are Looking for

Ultimately, you’ll have to appeal to what the buyer wants. The customer is always right, and this is no exception. If the buyer isn’t interested in the upgrades you’ve made to the house, then you’re out of luck. The best things you can do are take care of your property and continue to add to it when you can.

So if you’re curious to know how fences add to a home’s market value, then refer back to this article—it should inform you on exactly what you want to know. Keep this as a reference for when you decide to get back into the market.

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