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Helpful Tips For People Tackling Long-distance Road Trips Alone

There’s nothing that’s so anxiety-inducing such as driving alone for long, with no one by your side to keep you company. And again, that’s a reality for many people, and therefore, it’s necessary to discuss this so more people will know they should keep themselves safe during the ride. Sometimes, that’s all easier said than done, so here are a few solo driving tips that will help you drive all alone and stay safe while doing so.

Plan your road trip in advance

2 1Leaving your home on time and making stops on the way to your destination is a sure way to have a secure and carefree road trip. However, planning everything in advance can be of great help, especially to those who don’t have enough experience to just get into their car and drive. Hence, if you have a long drive coming up, make sure to plan it beforehand, so you can be sure that you won’t have to take unnecessary breaks to get some rest. You don’t need to plan it to a tee, just having a general overview can be of great help.  “Ensuring that you car doesn’t break down is essential in making sure you have a fun & memorable road trip. Dealing with a car that refuses to start is nothing but a nightmare.”

Take some breaks to rest and recharge

3 1Driving for multiple hours is straining and exhausting activity, which is why it’s crucial to take breaks throughout the duration of the ride. Whether you’ll opt for spending the night in the inn on the way, or just making frequent breaks to eat, shower and pump gas, it’s absolutely crucial to do so, especially if you’re prone to bouts of tiredness and low energy. Getting enough rest should be of utmost importance, and if you’re worrying that doing that might make your journey much longer, well, let’s just say that it’s much better to drive more, then to suffer serious consequences due to exhaustion and stubbornness.

Check your car and bring essential spare parts

4 1One of the main conditions for having a safe long drive is, of course, a full-functioning vehicle that won’t break down after a few miles. So, in case you know or suspect that something’s wrong with your car, you should take it to the mechanic prior to your road trip. It’s also highly recommended that you bring along a few essential spare car parts, such as hose clamps, condensers, a water pump, car cover and even a spare headlight, just in case. You should pay utmost attention to the state of your car, especially if you’re certain you won’t be encountering any car shops along the way.

Find a way to stay focused

1 1Long hour drives can be extremely tiring, so it’s essential to stay focused and alert at all times, but mainly during the night, due to low visibility and other conditions that make driving much more difficult. So, if you’re unable to take a break and get some sleep (even though it’s highly recommended to do so), you should fuel yourself with enough caffeine and/or energy drinks in order to stay awake. Aside from that, listening to upbeat music or interesting radio programs can also help you be alert for at least a few hours. However, since long night rides can be risky, it’s always better to take a pause and get at least an hour of sleep before continuing your long-distance road trip.

Carpooling can be very helpful

Being alone in the car can sometimes be a truly alienating experience, and having at least one or two people by your side can keep you animated and awake, which is of great help. Still, you should be careful who you let into your car, so if possible, try to ask people you know and trust to keep you company during the ride. This can be beneficial to those who’re traveling in the same direction as you, so feel free to ask around prior to your road trip.

Also, asking them to chip in for gas can significantly cut your travel costs, which can leave you with more room to spend money on more quality meals and better accommodation. However, due to the current coronavirus situation, you should stay away from driving long distances and associating with people you don’t really know.


5 1Driving all alone doesn’t have to be difficult or exhausting, but it’s essential to plan things accordingly, mainly if you’re an inexperienced driver. Therefore, taking frequent breaks and keeping yourself focused can be of huge significance, as well as asking someone to keep you company. Finally, always remember to keep your car in good shape, because that will definitely help you have a smooth and pleasant journey.


About the author: Mike Johnston is an avid freelance writer and blogger with a focus in home improvement, interior design, sustainable living, travel, and tourism.



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