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Feng Shui Office Tips for Maximum Productivity

A dramatic increase in screen time in the workplace has us sitting in our offices or cubicles, depleting our energy. We spend a substantial amount of time at work, and that stress can easily overflow into our private lives as well. But does it really have to be that way? What if, instead of absorbing the negative vibrations of our workplace we created a space where our ideas can thrive? The ancient Chinese art of placement otherwise known as feng shui seems to have the answer. Its main goal is creating a comfortable working environment in which your efficiency can reach its maximum. And the best part is that it is really simple to follow, not to mention extremely practical. Intrigued yet? Read our feng shui office tips and get the maximum out of your workspace!

Clear the clutter

Feng Shui Office Tips for Maximum Productivity 3Before you can infuse your office with Zen vibes, you first need to rid it of unnecessary stuff. Feng shui masters believe that cluttered space creates a cluttered mind which in turn stops the flow of creative energy. So, time to go on a purge! To start off, take a good look at your office – what is its function? To turn the space into a clean canvas, consider calling in a home cleaning service for a deep cleaning once the clutter is cleared.

Depending on the nature of the job, you’ll want to open up space so that your office can breathe again. Ask yourself how many pieces of furniture do you really need in your office? It doesn’t matter if you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, having a decluttered workspace will definitely freshen up your day. Pay special attention to your desk and don’t forget to clear out your drawers as well.

Once you’ve decided what goes and what stays, clean your office thoroughly. Dust your shelves regularly, remove dead leaves from your office plants, and clean your computer. If you’ve never experienced the thrill of coming to work to a clean and organized desk, a feng shui office will blow your mind.


Now that you have a clearer vision of the function of your office and the need for open space, you can move on to the arrangement of furniture. Desk position is a priority, as it is the focal point of every office. Essentially, you’re looking to position it in a way that lets you be in control of the entire workspace. This means that in an ideal feng shui office the desk should be facing the door. Biologically speaking, this makes us feel safer as we can see who is approaching us and feel more in command of the room. If the door is behind your back, you’d subconsciously feel more threatened as people could enter without you seeing them right away. To nullify this threat and feel more at ease in your office, sit with your back against a wall for ‘support’. Try not to sit facing a wall as it symbolizes obstacles and constrains the energy flow. When moving to a new office, positioning is the first thing you need to set straight, ideally even before you transport your office supplies.

Let there be light in your feng shui office

Feng Shui Office Tips for Maximum Productivity 2Light in itself is the physical representation of the sun. Not only that, but it is also a form of energy, or as the Chinese call it – chi. Feng shui advocates that the light in your office greatly influences the quality of your energy. Did you know that there is a strong correlation between poor lighting and fatigue and drowsiness? If your office is dark and gloomy, your productivity levels will suffer. The best solution is always natural light, of course. However, not every office has windows and sometimes you’ll have to resort to light bulbs. If that’s your case, try to avoid artificial and standard fluorescent lights and opt for LED or full-spectrum lighting. You’ll be surprised how a feng shui office with proper lightning can keep your energy levels up. Not to mention that light is a powerful design tool – create a with different levels of illumination. For example, a walking area doesn’t need as much lightning as the desk area. Don’t be afraid to play with color temperatures as well – warm light creates a relaxing atmosphere for a waiting room, while white light is better for concentration.

Clean air – clean energy

Feng Shui Office Tips for Maximum Productivity 1We rarely think about breathing and are blind to the effects that the stagnant air can have on our overall well-being. Believe it or not, computers and air-conditioning can significantly lower indoor air quality. What’s the solution? Fresh, outdoor air, of course! For the offices without windows, adding plants can be a great way of bringing fresh energy from nature into your working space. There are many easily available, low-maintenance ones ideal for the office setting, such as Aloe vera, Chinese money plant or Bamboo palm.

But plants aren’t just about clean air, they are also about a more relaxing mindset. In fact, there is a hypothesis called biophilia suggesting the existence of an instinctive bond us humans have with other living systems. Looking at plants boosts your endorphins and lowers the blood pressure, producing a calming effect. Color green really does work wonders, doesn’t it?

Get creative

And now for the fun part of feng shui office tips. As the saying goes – save the best for last. In this case, we’ll ditch all the rules of object placement and show you the fun side of feng shui. Yes, we mean decorating! Art is a very important aspect of a feng shui office, another thing that helps the flow of energy. Hang art that inspires you, such as mantras or relaxing nature paintings.  

If you wish, you can experiment with color as well. In feng shui, each color is representative of one of the natural elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. Each element invokes a different mood and the right balance can be beneficial for your personality and your goals.

Sounds interesting, right? Don’t be afraid to try it out – you can only benefit from a clean and organized work setting.

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