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European Design Brings a Timeless and Long-Lasting Look to Your Home

When people look into designing their homes, they want a look that will be timeless and long-lasting. A few of the furniture pieces we see nowadays are fast design and will not pass the test of time. Items can be too modern or too abstract to uphold the same meaning years from now. But that is when European design comes into play. Their style is timeless, and their quality is long-lasting. However, this type of design is hard to come by stateside.

IMG 6267As an interior designer at heart, I have always had a passion for different design styles. When I enter a room, I see the style, character, personality, and individuality each space possesses. Throughout my life and in working closely with a beloved interior designer friend, I have designed and redesigned multiple environments, which led me to fall in love with European design as I saw it transform each room into a masterpiece. French Italian design–in particular–will help bring a timeless and long-lasting look to anyone’s home.

IMG 6225The furniture, lighting, accessories, and colors you use to decorate every room need to make you feel at home. Our moods can be impacted tremendously by these, and the goal should always be to promote peace and serenity. That is why people fall in love with one design style and utilize it to create a warm and cozy environment, a place where they belong. Today’s fast design pivots away from the homey feeling authentic European design has been creating for centuries.

IMG 6266European design has many forms of representation yet all of them will remain relevant as time goes by. A great example of this is the French Italian concept. Their modern and contemporary furniture melded with the traditional, old-world theme in French and Italian designs is remarkably similar to one another. The work this style has done throughout the years has been extremely unique, and the greatest quality it has is how to combine contemporary designs with more traditional ones.

IMG 6268Swedish design is rich with color, luxurious, and elegant. While Portuguese designers have a style everyone will want in their home. This design has a unique combination of French and Italian inspiration. While–as mentioned before–French Italian designs continue to incorporate details from the old world into contemporary creations. By bringing European designs into an American home, you are giving it a sense of elegance and simplicity. Nevertheless, not many interior designers are offering this style when decorating or creating spaces. French Italian, and even Portuguese or Swedish, design is hard to come by stateside. With this in mind, I have created a brand called French Italian Home Furnishings that will allow customers to have a white glove virtual shopping experience just as you would experience in the finest home furnishings boutiques in Europe. These collections are going to be specific and unique in modern and contemporary, in traditional, and old-world as well.

Designing your home is one of the most exciting tasks you can face. It gives you the opportunity to give every room a sense of belonging, and it allows you to let your creativity flow. Nowadays, most people want a look they will not be tired of. A look they will appreciate years from now. For that reason, many individuals choose European designs. This style will help bring a timeless and long-lasting look into your home.

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