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Sealing Your Garage Floor with Epoxy Flooring Brisbane

Garage floors are designed to be functional, durable and low maintenance, but concrete won’t always achieve this in the long-term. Concrete is susceptible to damage, cracking and deterioration, so a great option to extend its life is to seal it.

Epoxy flooring professionals know that epoxy provides the opportunity to significantly improve the durability, appearance and strength of your concrete garage floor. So, how does epoxy seal your garage floor, and why should you seal your garage with it?

Why seal your garage floor?

Sealing your garage’s concrete floor with epoxy will protect it from:

  • General wear and tear from age and foot traffic
  • Stains and marks from moisture, water, and chemicals
  • Damage from dropped tools and other items

If you’re considering epoxy for your garage floor, there are some factors to consider as to whether this is the right type of sealant to use, including what end result you want to achieve, and what level of surface protection you need.

Understanding concrete sealant types

There are two main types of sealants that are suitable for garage floors – penetrating sealers, and topical sealers. Which one you choose will depend on how much protection you want, and what look you want to achieve.

Penetrating sealers penetrate into the concrete substrate to bond with its pores through a chemical reaction with the concrete’s minerals. This makes the concrete denser, but doesn’t leave a coating on top. It’s protective, but at the substrate level, so while it will be water-repellent, it won’t be waterproof. This means it will still be susceptible to stains from moisture, water and chemicals.

Topical sealers such as epoxy are the other main type of concrete floor sealant that’s suitable for garages. They create a coating on top of the concrete by adhering to it, which creates a hard, protective layer that significantly improves its durability. This coating is also waterproof and easy to clean, so you achieve a greater level of protection from stains, wear and tear, and damage from abrasions.

Choosing the right sealant for the job

A topical sealer like epoxy, compared to a penetrating sealer, will provide a higher level of protection for your garage floor because it coats it with a hard layer that will make it more durable and protects it from damage and wear.

Another benefit of epoxy is the ability to use further additives to give you greater protection and finish choices, including:

  • Additional UV protection coatings
  • Slip-resistance coatings
  • Decorate finishes, such as colour, flake, marble, and metallic

Add in the extra advantage of it being easier to maintain and clean than concrete (whether plain or treated with a penetrating sealer), this makes epoxy a great choice for your garage floor.

Epoxy flooring Brisbane experts

Protecting your garage floor from wear and tear, damage, staining and cracking with epoxy will significantly improve its usability and durability.

Garage floors should be functional, long lasting and low maintenance, and adding a topical epoxy resin sealant to your concrete is a great way to ensure this. For fast, friendly and knowledgeable advice on epoxy for your garage floor, consult with a professional epoxy flooring Brisbane expert, and improve your garage floor’s longevity and appearance significantly. You can also check TCF West flooring solutions that have been aptly recognized among the best of the best industrial flooring companies in the country.


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