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Eliminating Odors: How To Make Your RV Smell Better

Eliminating Odors: How To Make Your RV Smell Better

Whether you live in your RV or simply love to travel, you probably need some tips on how to keep it smelling fresh. Since the space is smaller than what you may have in a traditional home, certain smells may linger longer than you’d like. With these simple tips, you can eliminate unwanted odors once and for all!

Use a Dehumidifier

Depending on the smell, a dehumidifier could be the best way to keep your RV smelling fresh. This is especially useful if you notice a damp or mildew smell since a dehumidifier will absorb the access moisture in the air. However, keep in mind that this will lead to drier air, which isn’t ideal for all environments or individuals, so avoid overusing it.

Replace Vents

A dirty vent could keep old orders lingering, so if the air quality in your mobile home has decreased, then consider replacing your roof vent. Finding the ideal one means measuring for the ideal fit, as this varies depending on your RV’s brand and model.

Buy Some Air Fresheners

Whether you prefer a spray or candles, you can easily get some pleasant smells in your mobile home. If the scent is in one specific area, like the kitchen or bathroom, then keep the deodorizer within that space. Likewise, you could combine this option with airing out the RV to prevent an overwhelming number of smells.

Pro Tip

Purchasing an essential oil diffuser is another way on how to make your RV smell better. Not only does this smell great, but it’s also a lot safer than a candle. Plus, you can try out some aromatherapy on your travels!

Open The Windows

If the weather’s nice, then open up the doors and windows to welcome in some fresh air, as airing out the RV could do the trick. This is especially helpful if you burned last night’s dinner and can still smell it the following morning. However, avoid doing this if you plan to hike or otherwise leave your mobile home unsupervised since someone could take advantage of the situation and vandalize your RV.

Eliminate Kitchen Odors

Sometimes we have specifically strong-smelling foods in the fridge, and other times the trash can stink up the whole RV. The good news is you can easily eliminate both causes of odor. If your trash is particularly smelly, then wash out your garbage can after changing the bag. To keep odors out of the fridge, remember to keep some open baking soda inside.

Pro Tip

When you have to toss raw meats or other foods prone to stinking up a space, take the trash out right away. Similarly, you’re more likely to spot expired foods by regularly cleaning out the fridge, which cuts down on those odors.

Maintain Plumbing Fixtures

The final tip on how to make your RV smell better is to make replacements to plumbing fixtures within the RV as needed. If the water or septic tank fill up, things may start to stink inside the mobile home due to the buildup of bacteria. Of course, when maintenance remains on a schedule, you won’t have to worry about this one bit!

Karen LeBlanc

Karen LeBlanc

Karen LeBlanc is a freelance writer living in Orlando, Florida with many published bylines in magazines, newspapers, and multimedia sites. As a professional lifestyle writer, Karen specializes in art, architecture, design, home interiors and personality profiles. Karen is the writer, producer and host of the streaming series, The Design Tourist ( that brings viewers a global dose of design inspiration with episodes featuring the latest looks and trends from the world’s premiere design events and shows. She also publishes a quarterly magazine on design travel that you can read by clicking the link: Her journalism background includes seven years on-air experience as a TV news reporter and anchor covering a range of issues from education to politics. Her educational credentials include a Master of Arts in Mass Communications from Northeast Louisiana University and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Louisiana State University. Throughout her career, Karen has written and produced dozens of documentaries and videos for educational, commercial, corporate, and governmental clients and appeared in many TV and video productions as a professional host.

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