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DIY House Party Ideas in 2022

No matter your age, special occasions in life deserve to be celebrated. You might be planning to host a low-key gathering with a few friends or an elaborate birthday party. Whatever the case, it’s an awesome reason to gather loved ones and celebrate life for one reason or the other. As with any good party, you need to decide on the theme. If it’s a birthday party, there are homemade birthday crafts that are appropriate for the occasion. If you don’t intend to spend a fortune, there are many ideas that will fit your budget.

 You might be hosting a party for your child’s fifth birthday, your mother’s 60th birthday, or a sibling’s graduation party. Remember that a colorful and festive party decoration works at any age.  

House Party ideas

We all love parties and decorating for them is a favorite pastime for many people. Preparing to be creative and festive for the special occasion makes everything better. If you love preparing DIY party decors, this article is for you.

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Wine Tasting Party

A perfect summer party should involve wine tasting if you love wine, friends, and warm weather. From a light chardonnay to a sparkling rose. A wine tasting party will allow you to explore your favorite warm-weather flavors.

This should include cheese and crackers served on a cheese board serving tray. If you’re feeling extra, you can even create a charcuterie board for all the other guests who won’t be drinking wine. Serving your appetizers on a cheese board will definitely elevate the overall aesthetic of your party. You’ll look luxurious, sophisticated, and elegant.

 Remember that the theme of a wine tasting party is about curating the type of wines you’d like to serve your guests. So instead of focusing on a themed décor, choose something that ties your choice of wine together. This will help your guests to leave having learned something about wine. And they won’t forget what a wonderful time they had.

 You can turn the wine tasting party into a game. Get some of your guests to enjoy their wine while blindfolded, for instance. Then ask them to guess the type of wine they’re drinking. You can also wrap every wine bottle in gift wrapping paper. Conceal the wine’s identity and have guests guess the type of wine they’re drinking.

 Don’t forget that a wine tasting party always calls for food. So supply the invitees with delicious cheese and meat boards and bitter chocolate. You can explore which cheese goes best with which type of wine. That’s if your focus is on wine and cheese pairing.  


You can create a carnival by bringing circus and county fair elements to your backyard. This theme is usually geared towards kids. It consists of carnival-friendly food, games, and colorful decorations. Get creative with your dessert bar by including classic treats like:

  • Popcorn
  • Churros
  • Snow cones
  • Cotton candy

 You can also get a lemonade stand and a water bar with fruit for the guests. This will help cool them down in between the carnival games. The most popular games at carnival-themed parties include:

  • Ping pong games
  • Dart balloons games
  • Ring tosses games
  • “Guess how many” candy games

 You can also set up a fun prize table at the party. Then have kids cash in their prize tickets for small prizes. It will help emulate the feeling of an actual carnival. 

Finally, remember to have temporary tattoos and face painting stations for the guests. It’s an awesome way to keep everyone entertained and have something memorable for them to take home. You can even create a hashtag for your party so your guests can use it when they post photos of their face paint online.

Backyard Dinner Parties

You can host a dinner party in your backyard for an intimate and memorable time with your colleagues. From beautiful lighting ideas and candle spreads to summer décor and tableware. Basically, you can create new summer memories at home to impress your guests.

 If you prefer cool summer nights, this is the perfect idea to go for. You can select a warm or cool color palette and find table runners to compliment your color theme.

 Customizing mason jars with short summer quotes is a great idea. The light-hearted quotes will add charm and personalization to the dinner table.

 A dinner party is a great way to spend a night. But sometimes the planning can be stressful. Having to think about what to serve the guests and the best dessert to get.

 You must also check to ensure that your dining space for the dinner party is ready. So before sending out the invites, make sure that you have enough room at the venue for all your guests. Nothing ruins the efforts you put into preparing for the dinner like having your guests sit away from the dinner table.

Celebrating a Birthday Party

You can have a girls’ get-together for a sweet candy charcuterie board for a friend’s birthday party. And plan to stick to three main food groups. These are candy, charcuterie, and chocolates. Prepare a tasty charcuterie platter that’s a pastel conglomeration of heart-shaped sweets.

 You can use a preferred combination of chocolate, cookies, and candy. Choose a variety of flavors like crunchy cookies and gooey chocolate truffles. If you choose a pastel color scheme, look for all things white chocolate and candy-coated. Here is how to arrange a simple charcuterie board: 

  • Get a charcuterie board and arrange it from the center outward. This ensures that you place the large, colored foods like donuts and cookies first.
  • Fill the spaces and edges of the board with smaller and more colorful items like candy. Scatter some on the table to create a waterfall effect.
  • Place flowers and other decorations around the board then serve immediately.

 Apart from the food, you’ll also need to do some decorations for the venue. If the birthday girl loves stars, how about making them out of paper? They will come out looking cute and to make it more fun, you can get the kids to help you out. This is especially if the kids are at an age where they are handier with crafts.

 Another thing you can do to give the venue a birthday look is the zip-zag streamers. They are quite easy and quick to make. They are also lovely and you only need a piece of paper and a pair of scissors. You’ll also need some tape to put them up.

Costume parties

There are loads of reasons to have a costume party. It can be a great excuse to have an anniversary celebration, or an excuse for a family reunion. You can also host one as a fundraiser for your favorite charity. Regardless of the reason you choose to host one, you will need costumes if you want guests to dress up instead of just wearing their regular clothes. 

It’s also a great idea to have a specific theme for your party, as this makes it easier for everyone to come together to celebrate the event. You will find hundreds of different themes to choose from if you do your research. A few popular costume ideas that have stood the test of time and will never go out of style are fantasy costumes and gothic historical costumes. Fantasy costumes are a great choice for those who want to dress up as the hero or heroine of their favorite books, movies, and games. Gothic historical costumes are also a great choice if you are holding a gothic themed costume party. This type of party is always a big hit, and is suitable for adults who enjoy the gothic style of clothing and people who want to embrace their inner vampire. 

No matter which type of costume and theme you choose to go with, there are plenty of great choices to pick from. 

 Final Take Away

People love parties. And with so many events worth celebrating, planning a party and decorating it can be a daunting task. We are taking the stress out of planning a party with the ideas mentioned in this article. So whether you’re on the hunt for birthday décor ideas or throwing a summer bash, get party-ready with these ideas.

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