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Design Mistakes That Are Stopping You From Relaxing In Your New Living Room

As such, this is an area that many of us often turn our decor prowess to. But, what happens if you redecorate and still struggle to find the ideal living room balance? It can be disheartening, that’s for sure, and may well leave you feeling that this crucial room will never be quite right. In reality, though, an inability to settle despite redecoration typically comes down to a few critical design mistakes, most notably – 

# 1 – Failing to tackle the big things

You may decorate this room regularly, but are you really getting to the heart of the big things you don’t like about it? Too often, we assume that a lick of paint will create our haven at last, while altogether overlooking significant issues, like fireplaces we can’t stand, or windows that let all the outside noise in. Sadly, while they are larger undertakings, your chances of enjoying that living room are next to none until you turn your attention here. So, forget paints for a second, and look at the larger picture. Would you feel better by starting from scratch with your fireplace, or investing in options like these Factory Direct Replacement Windows? If yes, then it’s about time you stopped glossing over key features and delved right into the heart of what’s really wrong with this room.

# 2 – Replacing everything at once

Getting new furniture is one of the perks of design, but you might want to think twice before replacing everything you have with brand new pieces. Your furniture is what makes your home yours, remember, and those familiar pieces were probably the most relaxing thing about your living room all along. While you might still want to invest in some new items, then, consider ways you could incorporate or reupholster the furniture you already had to meet your new design preferences. Then, you can slip right back into that familiar dip in the sofa whenever you fancy. 

# 3 – Keeping things too sparse

ian dooley JR5TxKNSo unsplashDecorating is the ideal time to rid yourself of clutter, especially given the modern popularity of minimalist design trends. Do note, though, that going too far with sparse decor could be the reason you’re struggling to settle into your new living room. After all, an echoing, cavernous space is no place to spend your comfortable evenings. Instead, work to find a balance that suits you. By, all means, go minimal, but make sure that you’re not doing so at the cost of your comfort. 

Whatever the reason for your lack of living room love right now, small tweaks are likely all it’ll take to overcome the problem. So, don’t hesitate to consider whether these or other similar issues are behind your unrest. Then, you can do whatever it takes to overcome them.


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