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Best Storage Ideas That Will Organize Your Entire House

Keeping a house organized can be a big job. While decluttering and reducing the items you own can help, there’s only so much you can cut back on.

The best way to keep your whole house organized is to use smart storage solutions. Here are some of the best storage ideas that will change how you organize your home.

Install Custom Cabinets

Modern kitchen interior with centre island and hob
Modern kitchen interior with centre island with bar stools and hob, white cabinets and open shelving

Installing custom cabinets in the bathroom and kitchen can help you make the most of your space. You can get kitchen cabinets that fit the space between your wall and fridge or have lazy susans to make food storage easier. Wheeled shelving, retractable appliance shelves, and trundle doors at the floor level are just a few ideas to get you started. When you get custom cabinets, work with a designer who can create something that fits your space and lifestyle. 

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

Handmade paper tube furniture
Handmade white paper tube furniture in contemporary sitting room with industrial accessories and gray design

Investing in multi-purpose furniture with extra storage is a great way to streamline your living space. In the living room or kids rooms, an ottoman that has internal storage is perfect for toys, old photo albums, or spare blankets for when guests arrive. You can get couches with hidden storage under the cushions as well.

Lamps with built-in shelving are an ideal solution for small storage issues and can replace bulky nightstands or end tables. Invest in a fold-up desk that doubles as a shelving unit or wall art. The options are endless.

Install Drawers Under the Stairs

The space under the stairs is often wasted. However, the stair treads are the perfect spot to install some drawers for seasonal gear and extra footwear. Swap out your winter jackets for flip flops and goggles as the weather changes and keep your entryway tidy and organized all year long.

Install Trundle Storage Under Beds

Bedroom with wooden furniture
Modern minimalist bedroom with patterned carpet and wooden furniture

The empty space under your bed is often just a catchall for dust and single socks. Fill that space by installing trundle drawers or purchasing flat, wheeled tote bins.

This storage space is ideal for toys and seasonal clothing, as well as spare linens. You can also install dividers for keeping shoes or handbags organized and out of the way without taking up precious closet space.

Create Recessed Shelving

As the interior walls of your home don’t have the same insulation requirements as the exterior walls, consider creating some recessed shelves between studs. These work well in the bathroom for storing toiletries. Additionally, these can be used in hallways and the living room to store books and other goods.

Use Hinges on Wall Hangings

image2Don’t let the space behind your mirrors or art go to waste. Instead, install your wall hangings on hinges so that they can swing out to reveal storage options. For example, a full-length mirror on hinges can be used to hide hooks for hanging jewelry. A large print can be used to cover key storage or even a television.

Use Wire Racks

Modern industrial interior
White modern industrial interior with fresh plants, carpet, locker and desk with computer

Wire racks are one of the most versatile storage options to use in your home. You can grab a few racks for your kitchen cupboards to keep pans or cutting boards organized.  Repurposed magazine racks can be used for everything from storing towels and footwear to keeping kids’ books organized and tidy. Get creative when using this clever storage solution.

Decant Your Goods

image3Consumer packaging takes up a lot of space. Consider cereal boxes, for example. You can free up storage space by decanting your goods. Not only does this help with organization, but it looks great.

Transfer dry goods in the kitchen into mason jars and storage containers. In the bathroom, you can put cotton swabs and liquid soap in decorative containers. In the laundry room, store your laundry soap or pods in a glass jar and ditch the boxes they came in. To reduce waste, consider buying these items in bulk.

There are endless options when it comes to organizing your home. Get creative with your storage solutions!


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