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Best Places to Visit in Asia in 2021

Asian jungle

Are you making a bucket list for the new places to visit this year? What do you have in mind when it comes to traveling to a new location? Regardless of what you have in your mind, we will help you in picking the best locations for a spectacular experience year. So whether it comes to visiting Tokyo for the delayed Summer Olympics of 2020 or sifting through the markets of China, your attention is here to stay.

In simple words, traveling is fun because it allows you to go on a social detox and spend quality time with yourself. Furthermore, when you spend quality time with friends and loved ones, you feel better and can declutter your mind.  For this feature, we will walk you through the best places to visit in Asia in 2021. Unless you have been living under the rock, you will know that Asia houses a diverse culture and is known for being the habitat of some of the oldest civilizations in the world.

So for once in life, you have to plan a visit to Asia. This post enlists some interesting places to visit in this year’s content this year. So make sure to read till the end and have an amazing journey of your life:

Great Wall of China at the Jinshanling section.
Great Wall of China at the Jinshanling section.

Beijing, China

For your information, there is much more to Beijing than what you have in mind. Especially if you want to enjoy posh private clubs, the vibrant nightlife scene or many other attractions, Beijing it is then. No wonder, this is one such city that allows you to live life to the fullest.  If you want to take your travel experience over here to the next level, you must fly to Beijing from your home via booking your flight from Cathay Pacific. Bear in mind, Beijing is one of the most iconic cities of China because it has a culture of its own. The experience of nightlife is unmatchable and the luxuries are diverse. You must visit the outskirts of the city because it is an amazing waterfront boulevard in the city. It is one place that will sift you through the entire heritage of the city.

  • The Great Wall of China

This tourist destination is the most popular in the world because it has always been known for its heritage. The first part of the wall was opened for tourists only in the 50s and the entire world flocked to check it out. So don’t miss the chance to visit it when you go there.

  • The Palace Museum

Also known as the For shouldering the forbidden city, the Palace Museum is an iconic place for first-time visitors. The enormous size of the museum is the result of the heritage that was left here between 1406 and 1420.

  • Take a walk in Beihai Park

At a small distance from Imperial Park, this place is one of the most beautiful to visit. It is also one of the oldest surviving gardens from Beijing’s ancient dynasty.

Woman with backpack exploring Bali, Indonesia.
Woman with backpack exploring Bali, Indonesia.

Bali, Indonesia

If you have been sifting through the best tourist destinations on the web, you must have come across Bali. For your information, it is one of the most popular destinations across the globe. Also chanted as the “Islands God”, it is a place that is the perfect amalgamation of beaches and is embellished with the beautiful calm waters.  Secondly, if you’re willing to surf, then you need to go nowhere else.  There are a plethora of activities to do in Bali, some of which are:

  • Surfing in Kuta

Simply put, Kuta beach is none other than the surfer’s paradise. The gentle waves are friendly and will take your travel experience to the next level. Kuta beach stands out because it allows you to relax in the turquoise waters and is the perfect spot for Millennials.

  • Visit Tanjung Benao

You need to put a strap on and have fun with this place. Known for its water sports location, it is certainly exciting for somebody who has never gone there before. You will feel the adrenaline and have fun with yourself.

Japanese Bridge
Japanese Bridge

Osaka, Japan

For people who are looking for a laid-back destination, Osaka is the perfect spot. The locals are very hospitable and will provide you with warmth. It is a great place because you get to immerse yourself in the Japanese culture because it houses many cuisines. Here are a few things you can do there;

  • Visit Osaka-Jo

Check it out on the web and you will find it to be the most amazing building in Osaka. It is sandwiched between the amazing park that is embellished with a moat.

  • Touring the Kamigata Museum

Are you interested to learn more about the Japanese culture and dive full throttle in the country? If yes, you better have fun in this museum because it will sift you through Japanese art.

Historic city of Hoi An in Vietnam
Historic city of Hoi An in Vietnam

Hoi An, Vietnam

It is the epitome of beauty because the place is decorated with natural beauty all around. The parameters are covered with mind-boggling looking seas and the county is rich in popular culture. To set the record straight, this city never got destroyed by the bomb during the Vietnam war.  Located on the river Thu, this city is flocked with local markets, bars and cafes. Apart from the amazing food, you can also enjoy the following:

  • Explore the Hoin An Village:

Take a walk in the village to have fun with the popular culture. Instead of sifting through the city all the time, it is recommended that you pick out time to enjoy the conventional life of the village and have fun.

  • Visit the Hoin An Museum:

This place is rich in history and will help you immerse in the heritage of Hoi An. Furthermore, it has the perfect collection of antiques and other stuff. Especially if you want to buy souvenirs for your loved ones, it is recommended that you visit this museum.

Now that you have sifted through some of the most iconic places in Asia, you must choose a popular destination and have fun. Travelling is one of the best things to do, so you must make the most out of your experience. Secondly, when the world is filled with some amazing places to visit, you should give yourself a chance, take out time from your routine and set off.


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