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8 Amazing Tips On How To Travel Better With Your Dog

Taking a vacation should be more exciting when you have your furry friends to keep you company.

To make your vacations more interesting, you could organize fun activities to do with your pets. Besides that, here are more tips to make traveling with your dog a fun and memorable experience.

flouffy VW2HGWgtIfw unsplash1.   Consult Your Vet

Going to the vet’s office before a trip sets the tone for the whole experience. Your dog could probably have some underlying health issues that your vet may detect early. Vaccines are vital, especially if you plan on leaving for another state or country.

Besides, this move complies with the laws and regulations that revolve around the health sector. Here are general reasons why it’s essential to see a vet before your vacation:

  • Overall wellness of your dog is a requirement for both of you to enjoy your vacation.
  • Your vet can help place a microchip on your pet – When going somewhere new, it’s easy to lose your pet out on the streets or even the beach. A microchip will help identify your pet, especially when you want it to take a break from wearing a leash all the time.
  • It’s your chance to get more medication for your dog if they are on any – Your dog’s vet will renew their current medicines if the old one is expired.
  • Talk to your vet about any means of sedation that they may have – It’s good to be safe, especially when your dog has never been on a plane before. Have some sedatives prescribed by your dog’s vet just in case of anything.

2.   Pack Sufficient Water And Food

Dogs tend to become restless when they become hungry or thirsty. Some of them will even go as far as causing a scene and leaving you feeling embarrassed. Avoid buying from outside since dogs are creatures that love sticking to habit.

They will sense immediately you switch their snacks with some other brand. Worse still, they may decline some water when it’s not from your refrigerator. Set some time aside and do all the packing the night before the trip.

Your dog’s feeding dishes are also essential, as they’ll give it a sense of familiarity even in unfamiliar settings. Pack sufficient food since you’ll probably be unsure how long it’ll take before you get to your destination.

keighla exum CyhXWW0F3PU unsplash3.   Shop For Dog Crates

Dogs are not guaranteed to stay in the same spot during a journey. For this and other reasons, shop for a dog carrier that will contain them throughout the trip. These features should guide you when shopping for one.

  • Spacious – Avoid squeezing your dog inside a tiny carrier and making your dog feel like it’s headed for the dog pound. A spacious dog carrier gives it the freedom to move around and remain in its safety and comfort at the same time.
  • Durable – Since you’ll be traveling so often with your dog, you might want to settle for a dog carrier that’s of high quality and durable.
  • Easy storage: Find a carrier that will be easier to store when not in use. What’s more, it’ll give you an easy time when you have to pack it among your other belongings.
  • Comfortable: Crates are not usually the warmest and comfortable when you first buy them. The good news is that you can spread some blankets, dog clothes and throw in a few pillows for your dog to nap or relax as you travel.

4.   Potty Train Your Dog

Nature has to take its course, and it shouldn’t take you by surprise. Dogs are efficient creatures that don’t take too long before learning something from what you train them.

Potty training should be one of the most fundamental skills that they shouldn’t do without. Begin the training a month or two before your vacation and see how it goes. Monitor its meals and snacks to know how its bathroom schedule will be like if you were to travel.

Take them on road trips first before traveling by plane with them. During these trips, make stops and allow your dog to stretch, walk, and even relieve themselves. Carry everyday items such as toys and other colorful items that will make their training fun and worthwhile.

5.   Learn The Rules Before Traveling By Air

If it’s your first time traveling with your dog by plane, take your time and familiarize yourself with the rules first. To be more specific, read through the rules of the airlines you plan to board.

Some airlines may not even allow passengers to board the plane with pets. Visit the website of your preferred airline and get credible information firsthand. Better yet, call them up and ask a few questions to get things straight.

That’s not all. Get clarification regarding the fees as some airlines charge fees when pets are on board. To be on the safe side, book a cabin for your pet directly to avoid inconvenience.

ja san miguel QQuvAwQ 0 unsplash 16.   Check On Accommodation

Before traveling with your dog, check on the logistics. The accommodation should be at the top of your list. Once you get off the train, plane, or even car, you’ll both be so exhausted that you’ll need a warm and comfortable place to sleep.

Get to know whether pets can be accommodated wherever you’re going. If not, make arrangements by looking out for vacant spots close by before you travel. Be financially prepared for the same to avoid sleeping out in the cold with your dog.

7.   No Food Before Travel

Try to limit the amount of food and water you give to your dog as much as possible. Feed it about 2 hours before you hit the road. A heavy meal or snack before traveling could bring about the discomfort that will ruin your trip.

Besides, the food will be properly digested by the time you leave the house, and your dog will most likely take a nap throughout travel.

8.   Know Your Dog In And Out

Knowing your dog’s personality is the best way to wrap up your travel plans with your dog. For instance, if your dog gets anxious when it gets on the plane, try another option such as a train.

Know how your dog’s tummy reacts to meals at certain times of the day. Follow these same rules to avoid getting your dog worked up while on the road.

Final Thoughts

Bringing your dog along when traveling is a wonderful idea. By following these tips to the letter, you’re sure to have a blast throughout your traveling adventure!

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