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7 Best Gap Year Destinations For Mountain Lovers

Most people prefer hiking during a gap year to keep fit, among other reasons. There are so many beautiful features to behold, including glaciers and snow-capped mountains.

However, gap year destinations are becoming a bit tricky to choose from. You could rely on a couple of factors to make your decisions easier and wiser—for example, the time of the year and the expedition’s cost.

Here are some suggestions for the best gap year destinations if you’re a mountain lover.

1.   Aconcagua

Located in Mendoza, Argentina, Aconcagua boasts a striking height of 6,962m. It is the highest peak in South America and is located in Western Argentina. A quick fact to note is that although it’s formed from volcanic activity, it is nowhere close to an active volcano.

It’s one of the seven summits of the Andes mountains and comes second after Mount Everest. When getting ready to climb Aconcagua mountain, consider the logistics such as the Aconcagua climb cost and the kind of weather to expect.

It is never safe to climb during the summer since the chances of lightning storms are at their highest. When a mushroom-shaped cloud forms towards the peak, this is a warning that climbers should get ready for a fiercer storm that’s brewing higher ahead.

One way to know about good weather is when winds come blowing from the South. Snow on the peak of the mountain comes from humid sea air cooling when it reaches the highest peaks of the Andes Mountains.

2.   Tanzania

Tanzania has lots of awe-inspiring sites that wouldn’t dare miss your attention. For instance, it’s home to all kinds of wildlife and the most breath-taking physical features.

Mountain lovers should make their way to Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. It stands tall and free at the height of 5,895m (19,336feet). Uhuru Peak offers the most exquisite view of sunrise.

You’d also be interested in having a first-hand look at the mountain that was formed as a result of the volcanic eruption. It once had three cones that were considered to be volcanic; Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira.

The last cone, Shira, is no longer a peak since it collapsed. Although Mount Kilimanjaro is dormant at the moment, you’d be pleased to climb and see other incredible features.

3.   Nepal

Nepal contains part of the Himalayas, which is the highest mountain range in the world. As a passionate mountain lover, you’ll discover the beauty that encapsulates Mount Everest during your hiking adventure.

There are hiking trails left by previous mountaineers. This will make your experience even more interesting since the trails enable you to find your way to the top. Mountain lovers also love the trails since they create an opportunity to get closer to the Himalayas. It will be interesting to note that Nepal is home to the Everest Base Camp Trek.

Here, you’re set to indulge in a glorious view of the peak right from the base. This experience is synonymous with thrill as it opens your eyes to mountain sites that you never thought existed.

4.   Peru

Peru is the place to be for every mountain lover since there’s so much to see and explore. For example, there are plenty of mountain ranges that have unique features. They all originate from The Andes, and they include:


It is the highest peak in Peru and stands at 6,746 m (22,132 feet). The intriguing part lies in the fact that you can find the Huascaran mountain within the Huascaran National Park. It’s a world heritage site that will sway you off your feet due to the presence of animals such as jaguars and cougars.


It’s located in Southern Peru and is the third-highest volcano mountain in Peru. It has six cones, the tallest of which stands at 6,425m (21,079 feet). Natives revere Coropuna as one of the most sacred mountains that houses the spirits of the mountains. Your hiking expedition will lead you to some trails that will guide you to the mountain slopes.


The fascinating fact about the Huandoy mountain is that it has four different peaks. The tallest of them rise at 6,395m (20,985 feet).

  5. India

India has always been a sacred destination that holds fast to its faith and religion. The case is not any different when its beautiful physical features are involved. India boasts a magnificent view of the Himalayas, which covers a large section of the country. India has seven mountain ranges that add to its touristic feel, including:

  • The Himalayas – It plays a crucial role in regulating climate change in Northern India. It keeps the cool air from coming into India’s residence areas when winter is all set to land.
  • The Karakoram and Pir Panjal Range.
  • The Purvanchal Range.
  • The Satpura and Vindhya Range
  • The Aravalli Range
  • The Western Ghats
  • The Eastern Ghats

    6. South Africa

One of the mountain ranges in South Africa is Table Mountain, which stands as tall as 1,086 m. It is situated within the Table Mountain National Park. It welcomes tourists from worldwide to a variety of tree species, as well as birds and animals.

Besides mountain climbing, you could enjoy other interesting activities around the park such as paragliding, or even going for nature walks.

Other mountain ranges in South Africa include:

  • Drakensberg – It’s the highest mountain range in South Africa that’s as tall as 3,482m.
  • Magaliesberg
  • Cederberg
  • Amatola – Stands at 1800m above sea level, and its beauty lies in the panoramic views and lush forests.

     7. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka boasts multiple mountains that attract curious mountain lovers from all over the world. Here are mountains that make Sri Lanka one of your most prioritized mountain climbing destinations.

  • Adam’s Peak – Stands at 2,243m, and natives believe it is the dwelling place of Buddha and associate it with their utmost religious beliefs.
  • Kirigalpotta –It is the second-highest mountain in Sri Lanka and stands at 2,388m.
  • Pidurutalagala – What makes it stand out from all the other mountains in Sri Lanka is its numerous forests.

Bottom Line:

There’s a lot to choose from for mountain lovers looking to be one with nature in their gap year. However, before embarking on any adventure, it’s always a great idea to do your homework.

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