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5 Window Design Trends for 2023

With every new year comes an array of new design trends — new colour schemes, new international influences, and new mediums.

It’s relatively easy (and not too costly, depending on where you shop)to update pillows, artworks, homewares, blankets and throws as interior design fashions comeandgo. But updating your window décor and style is far more of a challenge — with both the labour involved and the expense in mind.

If you’re ready for that kind of challenge, check out these top five window trends that will see you through 2023 and beyond.

Design Tip 1. The Japandi Influence

Designers are touting ‘Japandi’ as trendy design aesthetic this year. Japandi is a cross between Scandinavian and Japanese design influences. The dark minimal hard lines from Japanese design fuse beautifully with the neutral palettes of Scandi stylings.

With this aesthetic in mind, if you’re considering replacing your windows this year, black frames are a great choice. Due to its neutrality, black complements all exterior materials— like brick, vinyl siding and wood. Black frames also provide a modern yet classic look. Shop around for a window and door installation company that offers this very thing.

Front view of a simple wooden double bed with cushions and thick
Front view of a simple wooden double bed with cushions and thick

Design Tip 2. Woven Wooden Shades

Woven wooden shades are gearing up to be a very popular trend for 2023. Installing woven wooden roller blinds is a smart design choice, too, as wood never goes out of style. Nods to this natural material in a room will also create a feeling of warmth while giving the illusion of bringing the outside in.

Sustainably grown and harvested bamboo and seagrass are both environmentally friendly materials, giving this design trend an extra boost in appeal.

Design Tip 3. Brown Is In

Browns are definitely in fashion this year; and this is an ideal shade for interior design. Unlike unique, poppy colours like watermelon pink or race-car red, shades of brown give you more flexibility with your design choices as they offer a neutral palette.

Browns also have an air of timelessness, meaning that if you invest in brown materials and brown paint choices, they’ll offer many years of enjoyment. All that to say that if you plan on updating your curtains this year, choosing a shade of brown is a good choice.

Gray roman shades and a pink curtain on big, glass windows in a
Gray roman shades and a pink curtain on big, glass windows in a

Design Tip 4. Embellished Window Treatments

Whatever window treatment you opt for, be it brown curtains, seagrass or bamboo blinds (or both), embellish them a little bit for extra flair.

A few ideas for embellishment would be a scalloped-edged or fringed curtain tie-back. Or try a sparkly suncatcher or stained-glass ornament. Each of these design flairs will add a bit of pizzazz and interest to your window area.

Design Tip 5. Curves and Rounded Corners

This design tip will work well if you’re handy and you have access to power tools.

Curved furniture, rounded corners and dramatic arches are a design must-have this year. If you’re capable with a jigsaw and you have fixed windows, creating a faux arch at the top of a window frame will create a lovely, eye-catching structural design.

A perk to this specific tip is that you’ll be able to remove the arch and patch the holes once this design trend is over.

As with most design trends, adopt what works best for you, your style, and your space, and don’t be afraid to experiment and get creative.

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