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5 Ways To Use Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus essential oil on glass bottle

When the leaves of the Eucalyptus tree are steamed in distilled water, Eucalyptus oil is obtained. Eucalyptus oil has a versatility of unique features and health benefits that end up making the oil worth the use. Eucalyptus oil is an essential oil that treats colds and coughs. Eucalyptus oil also serves as a great insect repellent.

It is beneficial to apply after surgery. Also, Eucalyptus oil acts as an effective pain killer. It helps to reduce arthritis pain. In the dental aspect, Eucalyptus oil treats plaque and assists in getting rid of dental pain. Having said enough, let us learn the 5 different ways to use Eucalyptus oil.

Fresh green branches of eucalyptus on garden.
Fresh green branches of eucalyptus on garden.

5 Ways To Use Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is an essential oil obtained from the dried leaves of a eucalyptus tree. The leaves are boiled in distilled hot water and then the oil is extracted thereafter. Eucalyptus oil has a range of benefits in every field. This is the major reason that oil has gained importance over the years. Eucalyptus oil can be used in the following ways-

•As an Insect Repellent

Eucalyptus essential oil is a powerful insect repellent because of the presence of eucalyptol. A prime advantage of using eucalyptus oil over any other insect repellent is that it is naturally obtained and thus chemical free. Eucalyptus oil can repel insects, bugs, and mosquitoes for 7 to 8 hours.

If higher amounts of eucalyptus oil are sprayed, the insects and bugs are likely to repel for a few days. You can either prepare a mixture of 10 to 12 drops of eucalyptus oil and water to fill in a spray bottle and use it as a spray, else you can pour 2 to 3 drops of eucalyptus oil on cotton and then wipe cupboards, drawers, and another surface to prevent moths and silverfish.

•For the Treatment of Cold, Cough, and Bronchitis

One of the most common problems faced by people quite frequently is a cold and blocked nose. Well, eucalyptus oil is a remedy for that too. To clear the airways, sniff a few drops directly from the bottle. If still, the problem does not ease, add a few droplets of eucalyptus oil to hot water and inhale the steam for 15 to 20 minutes to treat the cold and cough.

If you are to treat asthma and allergies, take a few drops of eucalyptus oil and rub it over your chest for 3 to 5 minutes. Moreover, if you suffer from chronic sinusitis or bronchitis, take an intensive steam session. For that, add 8 to 10 drops of eucalyptus oil to a container and cover your head with a towel. Then inhale the steam for 20 to 30 minutes. After that, you will be able to breathe easily.

•As a Cure For Dental Problems

Eucalyptus essential oil acts as a natural and herbal toothpaste. Using it daily would not only heal gum problems and gingivitis (a swelling caused in the gums), it would even strengthen the gums and teeth so that no problem is faced in the future. According to a study, eucalyptus oil was used for the treatment of plaque, and surprisingly, it worked effectively well in curing plaque as well.

Moreover, if a chewing gum composed of eucalyptus is chewed frequently twice a day, it eases pain in the gums. It is also effective in treating and curing bleeding gums. Also, a eucalyptus chewing gum helps to stimulate the salivary glands. As a result, more saliva is secreted and it helps in keeping the mouth moist.

However, Batavia Family Dental warns that eucalyptus oil should not be applied directly to your gums and teeth. It should be diluted with water first.

•As an Effective Pain Killer

Eucalyptus essential oil on wooden table
Eucalyptus essential oil on wooden table

Eucalyptus oil has commendable antiseptic and healing properties. It is efficient to be applied on wounds, cuts, bites, or stings. To cure the wound or a cut, mix 2 drops of eucalyptus oil with 3 to 4 drops of almond or jojoba oil and apply it to the wound with the help of cotton. Doing this regularly would heal the wounds and cuts fastly.

Eucalyptus oil also cures the problem of sore throat and ear ache. For sore throat, apply 2 to 3 drops of eucalyptus oil on your chest and rub it slowly. For ear aches, rub the oil on the outer part of the ear. Moreover, inhaling eucalyptus oil 4 to 5 times a day is effective in curing migraines and headaches.

Adding to this, eucalyptus oil relieves after-surgery pain and muscle pain. It is recommended to be used for strained muscles, aching joints, and also for easing the overall body ache. To treat the joint pain, massage with hot eucalyptus oil twice a day. Frequently doing so would reduce muscle and joint pain.

Not only this, but eucalyptus oil is also effective in curing fever. It is often referred to as “fever oil”. When it comes to treating fever, try a cold compress. Dip a piece of cloth in a mixture of cold water and 3 to 4 drops of eucalyptus oil. Compress it gently on the forehead 3 to 4 times a day. It would lower the temperature of the body and cure fever.

•As a Natural Antibacterial Cleaner and Disinfectant

Eucalyptus oil acts as a natural antibacterial cleaner. It can be conveniently used on any of the floorings, be it wooden, tiled, or vinyl. It will clean every surface in no time and it will leave an amazing odor thereafter. Moreover, Eucalyptus oil is found to be effective in removing molds from surfaces. Not only will it remove the molds, but it would also prevent their further growth.

Adding to this, eucalyptus oil is known to kill germs and bacteria. For this reason, it holds the ability to be brought into use as a non-toxic bathroom cleaner. It also cleans the toilet by mixing it with a pinch of baking soda. You can apply eucalyptus oil on the tiles of the bathroom along with baking soda and rub the surface to get an instant shine.


Having known several advantages of eucalyptus oil, it is suggested that you have a bottle of it as a part of your household items. It can be used as a cleanser, a disinfectant, a toothpaste, and as a cure for fever and arthritis pain. Also, eucalyptus oil is effective in removing hair lice and it cures several dental issues too. The oil treats fever and joint pain as well.

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