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5 Outdoor Tech Gadgets to Create Your Backyard Oasis

Living in a digital era brought many innovations in the ways our households function on a day-to-day basis. However, no one said connected technology should be limited to your home’s interior, and our outdoor spaces could surely benefit from the addition of some smart technology add-ons. Here are a couple of ways you can infuse technology into the great outdoors and create the perfect backyard oasis.

Smart outdoor lighting

2Just because the sun went down doesn’t mean that your party has come to an end. For someone who hosts parties and all kinds of gatherings on a regular basis, installing smart outdoor lighting is definitely something to consider. From ensuring safety in areas such as stairs, pools, and pathways to accentuating the best features of your landscape design, smart outdoor lighting has different applications that make it a must-have for anyone looking to brighten up their evenings.Thanks to numerous options that can be accessed via an app or through voice-control, a smart lighting system also provides the users with a wide color palette they can rely on to design lightscapes according to their preferences. On the other hand, if you’re working with smaller spaces and need a simpler and more practical lighting solution, a 2-in-1 halogen umbrella lamp might be just what you need to keep your guests comfortable and cozy.

A high-quality outdoor entertainment

3Merging the outdoors with the indoors is a growing trend, and a lot of homeowners are looking for new ways to get their backyards to act as extensions of their own homes. Aside from incorporating cohesive design schemes and using complimentary architecture, ensuring quality outdoor entertainment is an essential step when it comes to designing functional, enjoyable, and well-equipped outdoor spaces where friends and family will want to hang out.

Adding an outdoor TV to your backyard is a no-brainer, and nowadays, you can find LED TVs engineered for outdoor viewing complete with compatible sound systems that are sure to take your outdoor entertainment experience to the next level. Thanks to weatherproof housing, such outdoor entertainment systems are climate resistant and able to withstand anything from humidity and UV rays to insects and dirt, ensuring year-round protection against even the most extreme temperature variations.

An electronic bug zapper

4With warm weather come insects – the uninvited guests you don’t want anywhere near your actual human guests. However, before you hit the store and start searching for sticky tape or a harsh insect repellent spray, you might want to look for a safer alternative for pest-proofing your backyard oasis.

Effective and easy to use, an electronic bug zapper relies on LED lights and titanium dioxide to lure pesky insects into a trap container, simulating the warmth of the human body which mosquitoes – the cold-blooded insects – are attracted to. Install these in your outdoor space where people gather, and you can rest assured any insects that intend to crash your summer bash will be bugging out in no time

A robotic lawnmower

5When the warm season strikes, keeping your lawn manicured and trimmed is essential. Regular mowing and lawn maintenance helps keep your grass vibrant, luscious, and green, all the while keeping discoloration and weeds at bay. A nice, well-maintained lawn sets the stage for the rest of your outdoor space, but come summer, mowing your lawn once or twice a week can easily turn into an annoyance.

To keep your lawn looking its best and save some time in the process, consider getting a robotic lawnmower. It works automatically so it’s very much like one of those robot vacuum cleaners, only for your yard instead of home. Nifty and easy to use, this outdoor gadget will ensure you get a nice looking lawn without breaking a sweat and sans supervision.

An outdoor spa

6A water element is always a good addition for any backyard, no matter how big or small. That being said, installing an in-ground pool can be a pricey backyard add-on and not suitable for every budget or backyard size. On the other hand, installing an outdoor spa might be a more affordable option to beautify your backyard space and make it more functional.

Because they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, they can be fitted almost anywhere, from outdoor rooms and porches to unused corners of the backyard. Therefore, they represent a luxury solution for those working with smaller square footage while also serving as an effective aesthetic element, not to mention their therapeutic properties. Some models even come with a thermostat that is remote controlled so you can easily warm up the water by simply clicking on a mobile app. It’s like having a wellness retreat you can enjoy whenever you want – without even leaving your home.

We’re already used to the idea of making our homes smarter, but when it comes to our outdoor living spaces, there is a lot of room for improvement. With these nifty outdoor tech gadgets at your disposal, you can make your outdoor area smarter and your life a little bit easier.

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