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5 Easy Ways To Update Your Cabinets

Refacing your cabinets is an easy way to update your kitchen and avoid an expensive renovation. Check out these easy ways to update your cabinets.

Revamping your kitchen doesn’t have to involve a major renovation that leaves you kitchen-less for weeks. Instead, simple updates can help you make your kitchen feel like a brand-new space with minimal effort. For example, refacing your cabinets is an easy but dramatic way to update your home — and will cost considerably less than a complete replacement and installation of your cabinets.

Check out these easy ways to update your cabinets to add a fresh spin to your home.


Kitchen cabinets don’t need to be white anymore. Instead, embrace the power of paint and give your cabinets some color. A bold color can also help distract from an old-fashioned cabinet style.

Here are some painting tips for painting your cabinets:

  • Paint Type — Don’t reuse the same paint you used to paint the walls in your home; it won’t properly adhere to the cabinets and can chip off. Be sure to find an alkyd enamel to ensure it’ll hold up over the years.
  • Flattering Color — Be fearless and go vibrant but make sure it doesn’t clash with your appliances. If you have dark appliances, steer away from a darker hue. Remember, contrast is your friend!
  • Hardware— Remove all the hinges, knobs, and magnets before sanding and refinishing before painting; it will make painting faster and easier even though it might seem like a pain initially. Organize the hardware by numbering the doors and placing the corresponding parts into baggies. You can also take this opportunity to replace your old hardware with something new.


Removable wallpaper is another inexpensive way to add interest to boring or outdated cabinetry. Find a fun geometric or floral pattern to add to the door fronts, or you can put them onto the backs for open shelving.

Don’t be afraid of simply removing some cabinet doors to add some visual variety, too. But, again, be sure to find a pattern that doesn’t clash with furniture or kitchen appliances.

Glass Panels

You can add a modern vibe to your kitchen by removing cabinet faces and replacing them with glass panels. Replace all the cabinets with inserts or choose only a few to frame your stove or window.

Crown Molding

Crown molding can add a sense of drama to any room — especially if you have high ceilings. Hire a carpenter for a quick weekend job or tackle the project yourself if you’re handy. You can coordinate the crown molding color with the cabinets or choose a contrasting color to add even more flare.


Don’t be afraid to incorporate texture into your kitchen cabinets. Texture is often overlooked by DIY interior designs, but it adds depth and visual interest to any space; having only sleek and smooth surfaces everywhere can make your design look flat.

Spice up your kitchen cabinets with distressed finishes or beadboard. A distressed finish often shows brush marks; milk paint is an excellent option for distressing existing cabinets. Choose a glazed finish for something less dramatic.

Beadboard is an easy element to install on kitchen islands or countertops. It’s wood paneling with long vertical grooves with raised beads and is often found in Cape Cod-style décor.

Any of these easy ways to update your cabinets will modernize your outdated kitchen into a more welcoming space!


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