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5 Creative Ways to Add Plants to Your Kitchen

Kitchen interior with modern cabinets and green plants

Kitchen aesthetics are a constant work in progress. No matter how much we add or take away, it always seems like there’s something missing. Instead of wrapping your brain around the endless items you can add to the kitchen, why not get creative with plants? Plants can easily offer life, color,  and vibrancy to any kitchen. 

Potted plants are a great start. Unfortunately, they consume ample kitchen counter space and can quickly take over. To offer you some other creative options, we’ve listed our five favorite strategies to adding plants to the kitchen without taking up your precious kitchen real estate. 

Hanging Plants

lights 1867437 1920Hanging plants are the perfect alternative to those bulky, space-consuming potted plants.The more you start using your kitchen, the more you realize how precious kitchen counter space really is. 

Hanging plants also fill the eye-level void that exists in most kitchens. Many people don’t notice this void until they start filling it! Don’t be intimidated by the work involved with hanging plants. A few common household tools, a trip to your local hardware store, and a youtube tutorial or two should do the trick. 

Here’s a video to help you along the way.

Propagation Stations

Screen Shot 2020 09 14 at 8.39.00 PM
owner of the photography for the propagation station is Jacque of Plant Goddesses.

Most of us have ample experience of crowding too many plants in the same space. It’s easy to overdo it, and once it happens, it’s hard to backtrack. Propagation stations allow you to get a little plant-crazy without taking up too much space. Explore with different colors, shapes, and sizes, and I assure you this will become your favorite part of the kitchen!

In the picture above, we used test tubes to host our different plants. We encourage you to get creative here. Etsy has some awesome variations to spark ideas. You can make as little as 3 stations, or as many as 20. It’s totally up to you. Just remember that each plant will require its own maintenance. 

Windowsill Herb Gardens

planting 780736 1920Stimulating the kitchen with nice things to look at is definitely a must. But the best kitchen visuals are those that fulfill multiple roles. Herb gardens inspire incredible color, fragrant aromas, and best of all, useful fresh cooking flavors. If you’re looking for new ways to spice up the kitchen (pun intended) herb gardens are the most attractive and useful tools you can incorporate.  

Basil, parsley and chives are some great herbs to start with. If you want to take it a step further, you can get some rosemary and thyme. These make awesome additions to everyday staples like meat, fish and potatoes. 

Floating Shelves

jonathan wolf 7sKmRRNH 1Y unsplashYes, I know the labor sounds overwhelming. But let me be the first novice handyman to tell you, floating shelves are a cakewalk. If you find your kitchen walls to be a little empty, what better way to fill them than with a storage shelf? Yes, place some plants on the shelf, but also use it to store your favorite wine glasses, tableware or cooking utensils.

The cool thing about floating shelves is that you can always exchange the old for the new. Replace the plants or items as often as you want to change up the vibe (we recommend seasonally). 

Climbing Plants

coffee with joshua mrZS86BKk0E unsplash

Climbing plants are our favorite type of kitchen plant because they are a constantly-growing work in progress. You get to watch your plant grow and guide it wherever your heart desires. If it gets out of hand, trim it back. If you don’t like the direction it’s going, redirect it. If you want it in a completely different side of the kitchen, transplant it. 

Climbing plants are versatile and can fit where you want them. Spider plants and swedish ivy are good places to start. Because we aren’t plant professionals, we recommend you look into Gardening Know How’s full  guide to indoor climbing plants.


Potted plants are definitely not the only option for your kitchen. Take the time to find a plant design that works to your taste. We strive to create kitchen designs that are lively, unique and practical. Experimenting with different plant types and designs will allow you to find something that fits your kitchen seamlessly. Cheers!

This blog post was authored by Michael, Founder of Robust Kitchen


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