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4 Top Tips for Planning a Safari Honeymoon in 2022

Sunrise at the beginning of car Safari

Honeymoons offer the newlyweds a time of privacy to focus on their marriage. Honeymoons also set the pace for the marriage experience. The importance of a honeymoon highlight why one should ensure that their honeymoon experience turns out perfectly. 

Over the past years, African safaris have increasingly become a popular honeymoon choice for many couples globally. The safaris offer an experience like no other. The open interaction with nature, i.e., animals, lakes, etc. is a unique and beautiful experience. 

Couples that have had safari honeymoons with Tanzania luxury safaris narrate their beautiful experiences vividly. The close sights of lions, cheetahs, giraffes, the attempts at translating animal calls, etc. have been sketched into the minds of the couples.

However, planning a safari honeymoon is not an easy task. There are a lot of factors involved that can often impact the overall honeymoon experience for the newlyweds. It is, therefore, vital that a safari honeymoon is planned well to ensure the experience goes smoothly. When planning a safari honeymoon, there are a few fundamental planning tips that one should keep in mind. These tips will ensure that your honeymoon safari runs smoothly and remains a beautiful experience.

People in a safari
People in a safari

1.   Tour Operators

The tour operator you choose will impact your African safari honeymoon. When planning a safari tour, you should make sure that you choose a local tour operator. Choosing a local tour operator will ensure you get great food services because the tour operator is conversant with the area. 

When planning the safari honeymoon from other countries, it is vital to use travel recommendation guides to get the best tour operators. The travel recommendation guides will provide amazing suggestions for the best tour operators to work with. 

Once you have a list of all recommended tour operators, come up with a means of assessing their trustworthiness and experience in the field. This will ensure you are not faced with issues such as theft of money when planning your honeymoon.

In case, you want to just relax and chill without any stress for choosing a tour operator. In Tanzania, Luxury honeymoon safari packages has pocket-friendly charges and in which the reliability of the tour operators are high. The perfect way to spend your honeymoon with your loved ones with a pinch of adventure, fun activities, different cuisine foods and lots of beautiful memories.

2.   Choosing the Travel Dates

When it comes to safari honeymoons, it is important to choose the optimal travel dates to ensure you maximize your experience. The good thing about Africa is that there are only two seasons, i.e., the wet and dry seasons. 

The periods for the wet or dry seasons vary based on your destination of choice. However, as a general rule of thumb, safaris are better during dry seasons. During the dry seasons, animals move a lot in search of food and gather at water points to quench their thirst. This poses opportune moments for couples to see different animals together and have a more intriguing safari experience.

A key advantage of having a safari during the dry seasons is the road conditions. In safaris, the travels are on off-road paths in forests and game reserves. These paths are not tarmacked and can be tough to navigate in wet seasons due to mud.

Before settling on the date for your safari honeymoon, check the dry season periods for your destination country. This will give you a better and more satisfactory safari honeymoon.

3.   Saving and Budgeting

Snapping shots of giraffes on a safari in South Africa
Snapping shots of giraffes on a safari in South Africa

Safari honeymoons are not cheap. If you and your partner have settled on a safari honeymoon, it is important to save enough money. This will ensure you have a good safari experience. Safari honeymoons cost roughly $300 to $1200 per day. The prices vary depending on the accommodation that you will choose.

Mid-range lodges charge $300 to $600 per night, while high-end lodges will charge from $600 upwards. In most lodges, the charges also cater for 3 game drives per day and three meals. These are the basics offered under the accommodation charges, and additional services such as massages and spa experiences will have additional costs. 

Based on the accommodation you choose and any additional services you want, you should save accordingly. While saving, you should also work on your budget for the safari honeymoon. Budgeting is the toughest part of planning a safari honeymoon. 

When budgeting, you should focus on the basics first. Travel expenses and accommodation should be sorted first and will take up the largest portion of your budget. Once those are handled, you can budget the remaining portion of your budget based on your individual preferences. Your individual preferences as a couple will entail the experiences you want while on your honeymoon. 

4.   Clothing

woman in desert walking on safari
woman in desert walking on safari

It is common to find people referring to the safari fashion styles as cliché and boring. However, there are reasons why people wear dull khakis and olive-colored clothing. When planning a safari, the clothing you choose impacts your experience and safety in some instances.

Dark clothing on safaris attracts tsetse flies. Tsetse flies pose a health risk to humans since they can cause a disease called sleeping sickness. Dark clothing also tortures the wearer due to the scorching sun on the African safaris. 

Bright-colored clothing can cause a distraction to the animals. In some situations, this unnecessary attention by wild animals poses extreme safety risks. White clothing gets dirty easily in safari experiences due to the dust. 

To ensure that you enjoy your safari hustle-free without any wardrobe issues, pack neutral-colored clothing made using either linen or cotton fabrics. When packing your clothing, you should not carry a lot of clothing. Four outfits at most will grant you a perfect experience. The lodges available for safaris offer same-day laundry services. 

Another clothing factor to keep in mind is that temperatures fluctuate a lot. The scorching heat of the sun during the day turns into extreme colds in the nights and mornings. When packing your clothing, it is important to carry warm layering clothes for the nights and light clothing for the days.


Safari honeymoons offer unique and private honeymoon experiences that will top your list of travel experiences. Their planning, however, is not easy and requires good planning and execution skills.

It is also vital to remember to consider your safety during the safaris. You should go for the required travel vaccinations and take up private medical insurance in case of emergencies while on the safari. This will guarantee you overall safety and peace of mind while on the safari. 





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