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3 Main Benefits of Feng Shui in the Home

Feng Shui can make a big difference in the flow of energy in your space. Take a look at three of the main benefits of Feng Shui in the home!

Chances are pretty high that you’ve been spending a lot more time at home lately. You’re working at home, exercising at home, cooking and eating at home, relaxing at home—the list goes on. All that time indoors can something to your brain, your mood, and your thoughts. Though it seems like there’s not much we can do but sit at home and wait this out, there are ways to make your space provide more energy and passion to even your daily tasks.

For centuries, Feng Shui has cleared bad energy from the home and helped create a space of authenticity and positive vibrations. There are plenty of ways to bring these changes into your home, but if you need more of a reason to transform your living space, take a look below. We’ve outlined some of the key benefits of Feng Shui in the home—check them out!

Improves the Energy Flow of the Home

The basis of Feng Shui says that you should use the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) in your home design to achieve balance. The placement of said elements, along with the placement of furniture, electronics, and even plants, makes a difference in a home’s energy flow. You want the energy to flow from one room to the next—imagine the energy as water. Choose curves over straight lines to improve the energy flow.

Enhances the Overall Well-being

As we mentioned, Feng Shui improves the energy of the home. As a part of that, one of the main purposes of good Feng Shui is to keep healthy energy flowing constantly throughout the house. For example, plants are a big part of Feng Shui, and plants improve a home’s air quality. This is a simple way that the wellbeing of the home is essential for proper Feng Shui. Similarly, Feng Shui design keys in on the negative energy that comes from electric items, such as TVs, clocks, phones, and radios. They should be moved at least two to three feet away from your body and should never be turned toward places of relaxation. Electronics lower resistance and absorb vital energy from the home and from your body. We could all lose some electronics from our lives!

Harmonizes the Environment for Living and Working

bamboo shoots in green vase
bamboo shoots in green vase

Probably the most important benefit, especially with our current climate, is the fact that Feng Shui helps harmonize the environment for living and working. Part of this deals with the energy flow of the home, which will bring energy to your workspace and a tame energy to your bedroom. For example, when you think of the living room, you can take the Feng Shui tips for that room and bring them into other areas of the home. You may have to do some shifting of where your home office is, but the more you maneuver, the better chance you have of figuring out the perfect flow for your home.



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