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Creating a Classic Living Room Look

This is a contributed post with affiliate links Just like with modern styles, there are several ways of creating a classic living room look, depending on what era and culture to want to theme your room on. Wallpaper Always Looks Classic For a very long time, wallpaper was used because it covered a multitude of […]

Saving Money On Water At Home

This is a contributed post with affiliate links Water is a commodity which we all seem to take for granted. It is the most important material we can use and consume every day, and it is crucial that we don’t use too much of it in our homes in order to save money and energy. […]

My Design Chat Takeaways on the Podcast Wives Winedown Wednesday

I recently appeared as a guest on the podcast Wives Winedown Wednesday to share the latest home interior trends and decorating tips and tricks. To listen to the full podcast, available on SoundCloud, click below: While sipping wine with hosts Angela Bell Deems, Mitzi Hoag, and Lauren Graham White, the ladies wanted to hear about […]

Choosing The Right Project For Your Next Home Upgrade

This is a Contributed Post with affiliate links Let’s face it; most people have an incredibly long list of home improvements that they’d like to complete. Sadly, time and budget restrictions make it impossible to do them all at once. Therefore, getting your priorities in order to pick the best upgrade is arguably the most […]

Adding An Element Of Luxury To Your Lounge

This is a Contributed Post with affiliate links There are lots of ways in which any homeowner can improve the aesthetics of their lounge and add an element of luxury. Depending on how much you can afford to spend, it is reasonable that you might wish to approach that concept in a manner of different […]

Before You Buy: Choosing The Right Furniture

This is a Contributed Post with affiliate links Furniture often makes all the difference in a home. It’s what transforms a house from cold and bare into warm and welcoming. With the right pieces, there is nothing a homeowner can’t achieve from an interior design perspective. The only thing is choosing the right items in the […]

Foodie Destinations Top Millennial Travelers’ Vacation Choices

Top Foodie Destinations Tempting the Tastebuds of Travelers Hotels.com in its Tasty Travels research picked several cities as “Top of the Chops” for foodie travelers. Paris, Tokyo and Rome are the top three foodie destinations according to Hotels.com which commissioned edible renderings of the top three foodie destinations by renowned food artist Carl Warner.  Each city scene, captured […]

HomLuv: A Digital Disruptor in the New Home Market

Pinterest Meets Houzz in Shopping Platform for New Homes.   Editor’s note: I get hundreds of press releases weekly and the ones that cut through the noise— the ones that I choose to write about in magazines and on my blog are game-changers influencing the way we shop, live, decorate and create. HomLuv caught my […]

Keeping Local Wildlife Out of Your Property

This is a contributed post that contains affiliate links It is estimated that around 68% of households (that’s 85 million families in the US alone) have pets. Now, there are various reasons that we have these companions and why we are happy for them to live alongside us in our homes. They provide us with […]

Innovative Design Find: The Two Way Chaise Lounge

I’m always on the lookout for innovative design finds and my latest discovery is the Two Way Chaise Lounge because it offers a better way to sunbathe. Invented by interior designer Kate Clarke, the Two Way Chaise Lounge is designed to raise up or down on either end so you can follow the sun’s rays […]

Move On Up: Property Upgrades That Are Worth The Investment

When you’re looking to maximize the value of a property, you’ll always want to ensure that you’re taking the right steps to make this happen. Whether we’re talking about your own home, your property abroad, or an investment property. It’s always important for you to ensure that the investment you’re going to make is actually […]

Impactful Bathroom Upgrades

This is a contributed post with affiliate links Your bathroom should be more than the place whereby you wash your hair and brush your teeth. It should be your peaceful sanctuary. It should be the place that provides you with relaxation and comfort when you get in from a difficult day at work. If your […]

Modern-ish, The Latest Iteration of Contemporary Style

Most of you know that I express my passion for design as both as Design Journalist and a Decorator. I’m always on the hunt for the latest looks and trends to keep you up to date on the ever-evolving world of style. When it comes to my personal home, I try to stay current and […]

Furniture Alternatives For Small Spaces

This is a contributed post with affiliate links A small home can be challenging to furnish. If your living space is limited, check out this previous post https://thedesigntourist.com  and read on.  Often it’s not the clutter but rather the bulky furniture wasting space.  Here are several alternatives to standard-size furniture to live large in small spaces.  […]

Exterior Design Elements You Should Look To Upgrade

This is a contributed post with affiliate links When it comes to our homes, many of us know the importance of focusing on interior design. However, this is far from the only style aspect that should be taken into account. If you want to ensure you have a fully-rounded, stylish home, you also have to […]

The Glass House: 2018 Metro Designer Showhouse 

The Glass House: 2018 Metro Designer Showhouse opens its doors through June 30. The showhouse pairs leading designers with distinguished national and global home furnishings brands including Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, Design Within Reach, Pera Design, Williams Sonoma, Lazzoni, and The Italian Design Center at Michelangelo, features 12,000 square feet of waterfront on-trend living spaces. The […]