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Fun Ideas for Renovating Your Staircase

When it’s time to change the look of your staircase or the carpet has become anything but attractive, think outside the box and make your staircase fun.

Most houses get stuck in traditional thoughts when it comes to renovating and decorating. Getting creative when redoing a staircase will make your home unique and let your personality shine. Make your staircase a showstopper in your home with some fun ideas for renovating your staircase.


Painting the entire staircase without any stain opens a lot of doors for creativity. Let the artist in you shine!


Have a home that is fun and eclectic? Go ahead and paint each stair a different color or create a pattern of alternating colors. This idea isn’t for everyone, but there are a few who would jump at the chance to have something so unique in their home.

Use Your Words

Imagine the lyrics from a favorite song, quotes, or all your children’s names painted on the risers of your staircase. This makes quite a statement, and guests are sure to notice the words when looking up the stairs.

Black and White

White risers and black treads (or the reverse) are a classic, sharp look. This choice works really well if also adding words to your work of art.


A coat of paint in any color you choose along with the addition of stenciling either the risers, treads, or both makes the possibilities endless. You can stencil words, florals, or just cool designs. You could even stencil each stair differently than the other.


A striped staircase takes patience, planning, and taping, but is well worth it for something that pops like no other staircase in your neighborhood.

The sky’s the limit with striping options—multicolored, black and white, one color plus white or black, or even wavy or zig-zagged stripes. Who else is getting in the mood to run home and paint?


Stain is fairly traditional on a staircase, but when done right, can be elegant and lovely.

To give your stairs a sophisticated look, contrast the risers and treads. Do this by painting the risers white or any color you choose and stain only the treads.

Risers painted in a dark color go well with a light stain on the treads, and light colors go well with a dark stain.


No matter what fun ideas for renovating your staircase you come up with, make you have non-slip stair treads to keep friends and family safe.

Anti-Slip Paint

Your local home improvement store should carry anti-slip paints or products that you can add to your paint to help with traction. These paints are formulated with grit in them which goes unnoticed but can be felt by the feet.

Adhesive Treads

An even better option is adding anti-slip treads. You can buy this in-store or online and use a strong adhesive to stick them to the stair treads. The only downfall is they will interfere with a paint job if they don’t coordinate well.

Stair Runner

Thankfully, today, a few unique rug stores carry stair runners that are colorful and fun rather than just practical. If a runner is your choice, do some searching to find one that goes along with the distinctive design you’ve created.

Have fun turning your everyday staircase into the centerpiece of your home and a creative work of art.


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